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Indiana AmWager Racebook Review

Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Jan 12, 2022
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In the online horse betting sector, the Indiana AmWager race betting is a trustworthy and respected operator. Founded in 2009, AmWager is one of the legal race betting sites, headquartered in the US. It nearly accepts around 500 tracks, and in this Indiana AmWager review, we would like to say that it covers 1000 races per day. With an outstanding cashback reward system, live racing videos, new player welcome bonus, handicapping tools, IN AmWager app is attractive for many bettors.

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    The AmWager racebook odds in Indiana have features, helping handicappers to increase the return on investment. The ABC wagering tool feature introduced in 2017 allows bettors to structure multi-leg wagers. The conditional wagers are checked by AmWager every ten seconds to see if the conditions are met. In Indiana AmWager online review, we would like to admit that the Dutch betting is also included. With Dutch betting, you can pick two or more horses where the payout is mostly the same irrespective of whichever horse wins.

    AmWest Entertainment LLC, the parent company of AmWager, is regulated and licensed by the Oregon Racing Commission. In Indiana, it’s also licensed by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission. Visit AmWager directly in Indiana to enjoy the powerful, secure, faster, and easy to use the betting options. Compared to any other betting platform, the leading Indiana betting website has up to 60 times faster updates.

    Online Betting

    AmWager Bonus Code and Promotions

    Take a quick look at the promotions and bonuses offered by AmWager, the leading Indiana horse racing website.

    Referring A Friend

    When you refer your friend to Indiana AmWager Android app with a referral link, you win some rewards for race bets. You will get $25 as rewards when your friend signs up for AmWager through the link that you have sent. But they also need to place a wager of $100. For trying the risk-free first bet after your friend signs up for mobile betting accounts, each of them get $25 instantly.

    Cash Rewards Program

    In the state of Indiana, AmWager runs a cash reward program by paying a percentage of wagering activity. There is no complicated VIP system, and you can track the most wagers and earn cash. A player who is more active on the website is likely to win a higher cash back percentage. Five reward points are there, depending on the maximum cashback percentages, explained in this table.

    Rewards Level Cash Back Percentage Minimum Monthly Wagering
    Bronze 2% $0
    Gold 4% $2000
    Silver 3% $500
    Titanium Custom deal $80000
    Platinum 5% $5000

    AmWager Bonus

    In this review, we would like to include that the welcome bonus offers are available up to $500. On all exotic bets, AmWager bonus code offers 10% back if you place bets within one month. Most significantly, no Indiana AmWager Promo code is required to get the bonus. Signup for the account and start placing the bets, and after a month, your account will be credited with $10. No blackout dates and track restrictions are there, and if a player has placed $400 wagers and got them right, AmWager offers $400 on the 31st day.

    Several Racing Betting at AmWager

    AmWager has recently updated its gaming software and has come up with new features, which are why it has become a more demanding website. Various types of racing betting offered are:

    • Thoroughbred races: It is a horse racing sport including hound racing and racing of thoroughbred horses. Governed by various natural bodies, thoroughbred races are of two forms jump racing, also known as steeplechasing in the United States, and in the UK, it is named the National Hunt racing and flat racing. Jump racing is again categorized in two more sections, steeplechasing and hurdling.
    • Standardbred races: An American Horse breed, Standardbred is popular for its ability to perform in harness racing. Harness racing is a horse racing form usually with a two-wheeled cart, known as spider or sulky.
    • Quarter horse races: In the United States, Quarter horse racing is conducted. It started in 1607 in Virginia, and the races include horses where they need to run for short distances at higher speeds. Presently, in the United States, the American Quarter Horse is quite popular. Additionally, the largest breed registry is the American Quarter Horse Association, with nearly 3 million living American Quarter Horses.
    • Greyhound races: It is a competitive and organized sport where round the track greyhounds are raced. Two types of greyhound racing are there, such as coursing and track racing. It allows players to bet on the outcome, and at times, this bet can be solely for enjoyment.
    • Virtual horse racing betting: It is a visual representation of a computerized random number and offers bettors to place a bet on the horse racing even after the race coverage.

    Brief Description on the Bet Types

    Various types of odds are offered by the best online betting sites, and if you wish to win them, you need to have a brief idea. If you do not have information about the bets, it would be complicated for you to win. The bets are:

    • Show – It is a straight bet, where you place wagers on the horse, more likely to finish in any of the top three categories. Even though it offers the smallest return, it is safe, and you must place the bet when you are sure that you will win.
    • Win – It is the simplest bet on horse racing, and here you must predict the horse that will win the race. If you win the bet, you get the payout, and if the horse secures any position except one, you lose.
    • Place – The place bet in Indiana is made on the horse likely to complete in any of the top two positions. You will get a payout if your horse secures any of the positions, but you lose your stake if you miss it. Compared to win bets, payouts are lower and are available in races with not less than five runners.
    • Across The Board – It is a bet that combines place, show, and win wager in a single strike. Effectively, across the board form, three wagers are included in one. If you win, you get all the payouts placed on all the three wagers. If your horse secures the second position, you will get a payout for that position, and similarly for the third position. If it fails to secure the above three, you lose the bet.
    • Exacta – In these odds for each race, you need to bet on two horses that will complete in the top two positions respectively. To win the betting online, you need to get it correct in a similar order as you have placed. Of course, it’s not so easy, but winning this bet will give you higher payouts.
    • Quinella – In betting bookmaker reviews, we would like to say that this wager is similar to Exacta. Pick up two horses that you think will finish in the top two positions. There is no need to worry about the order, and that’s why; the payout is a little lesser. Therefore, it’s easier to win quinella than exacta.
    • Daily Double – In daily double, choose two horses that can complete two consecutive races, and are easier to understand. Winning this wager is pretty challenging, as you need to get both right. Initially, this wagering type wasn’t available, but now many of the online casinos have it.
    • Superfectas And Trifectas – Compared to Exactas, Superfectas and Trifectas are tougher to win. In a trifecta, a bettor needs to predict three horses, and in superfectas, you need to choose the top four horses. These AmWager true odds are not easy to win often, but if you get it right, you win an enormous amount, known as high-limit wagers. But to win, you must have enough information about the horses and their previous performances.
    • Specials/ Prop Bets – Prop bets and specials are wagers not related to the outcome of the games. It is a bet determining which trainer has a successful reason, or the jockey will win more races. Even though playing this bet includes a lot of fun, you need to spend enough time before placing it.
    • Lay wagers – When you are laying a horse, it means you are betting against it, specifying you are taking the bet from a different person, backing the horse to win. With the right approach, you can win lay wagers as well.
    • Matchups – Matchups are more profitable in the long run and are simple and nice. If you are lazy in putting too much effort, this is a perfect wager. In this bet, the betting apps have placed odds in two horses taking part in the same race. Pick up which horse is going to finish first then the other. Picking up the right horse will give you a payout irrespective of whether that horse wins or loses.
    • Pick 4 / Pick 3 / Pick 6 – Alike to double wager, and the only variation is in the number of consecutive races players need to predict. Of course, with the increase in the number, the payout increases, but it’s harder to pick. In this bet, it’s better to go with various combinations of horses.

    With a bunch of US racebook wagers, it would be challenging for you to understand which bet to place. But if you follow the horse racing match, you can place correct bets and win then.

    AmWager Mobile Apps

    Creating an account in a mobile app is simple, and in no time you can do it. Always remember that to place the first real money bet, avail the best welcome bonus, you would need a valid account. AmWager will also send you an automated email to verify that you are only the person who is operating. For opening an account, details that need to be provided are full name, date of birth, zip code, address, phone number, city, state, and the last SSN four digits.

    The mobile racebook operator has designed a feature-rich website, making it more convenient for bettors to navigate. To start with, the in-game live betting website offers a variety of tools. Most notably, you will not come across a competing platform like AmWager. The live betting website is newbie-friendly, and anyone can fully understand how it functions. The promo codes AmWager, higher betting limits, race betting revenue, everything is similar to the web interface.

    Online Bonuses

    AmWager Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

    An interesting mix of deposit and withdrawal banking options are available in AmWager. Known to be the only mainstream website, and it is the first licensed website offering Bitcoin deposits, even though debit and credit cards are huge shortcomings. The current methods available are wire transfer, eCheck, ACH, Green Dot, PayGarden, PayNearMe, and lastly Bitcoin.

    The best alternative to debit and credit card is eCheck or ACH, and to have funds, you can simply click in the ACH option. Wire transfer is also similar to ACH, but you need to visit the bank, and prefer large deposits. If you have an AmWager promo code or gift cards, you can redeem through PayGarden.

    When it comes to withdrawals, PayPal is quicker, and you can receive instant withdrawals, and do not charge a fee. Skrill is also similar to Paypal but charges $5.50. Cash at the Cage also does not have any withdrawal fee.

    Customer Support

    At times, while placing the bets or while withdrawing the cash, or redeeming the promo code, you might come across difficulties. In this aspect, AmWager customer service is always there to help you. They are available over the phone in the service hours, like 12:00 PM to 9 PM from Sunday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the service hour is extended by an hour.

    You can also contact them over email if you are not getting over the phone. They also have other options like live messaging, social media options, etc. They also have a FAQ section, which includes all the basic issues that customers usually come across. If you visit the FAQ section, your queries might get solved.

    Why AmWager?

    Basically, two interfaces are offered by AmWager to its players, and they are AmWager Plus and AmWager Pro. Also, it has more advanced horse betting features, so you must give a try. Some of the exclusive features are:

    • Colossus Jackpots: It is a huge pool betting product, including Irish and UK horse racing, where you bet on pools. In this instance, you are competing for a larger jackpot.
    • Conditional Wagering: It is a multi-conditional betting checked after every ten seconds with specific and minute-to-post odds.
    • Fair Value Grid: It has a fair value exacta calculator, showing which exactas have been under or over bet in a current pool.
    • Race Results: AmWager has a special feature through which daily results can be tracked. It gives the bettor an edge to have more information about horse betting and place the bets accordingly.

    Latest News

    The AmWager progressive web app is currently promoted by Microsoft and Google. According to the PWA guidelines, the website offers improved navigation and faster loading times. It also provides seemingly wagering experience and push and offline notifications. With the rise in the popularity of digital currencies, AmWager has also introduced Bitcoin on its website. Therefore, cryptocurrencies can also be used to make transactions.

    AmWager Review Conclusion

    AmWager is a speedy, convenient, and robust horse racing platform, with competitive features. With a diverse betting option, like cashback rewards, a welcome bonus, refer a friend bonus, this website has many more to offer. The most remarkable aspect is it does have any cap on winnings per wager. With more than 500 racetracks and dedicated customer support, it would be worthy of placing horse racing bets on AmWager.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is AmWager online racebook legal in Indiana?
    Yes, AmWager online racebook is legal in Indiana.
    Can I bet on any race track with AmWager in Indiana?
    Yes, you can bet on any race track with AmWager in Indiana.
    Can I place bets on AmWager while the race is in progress?
    Yes, you can place bets on AmWager while the race is in progress.
    Is the AmWager racebook safe?
    Yes, the AmWager racebook is safe.

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