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Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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Founded in 2015, Indiana Boom Fantasy is an exciting platform to follow various sports and place a bet. In this Indiana Boom Fantasy review guide, all the essential details are included that a player would like to know before they start with US betting. To date, around 6 million predictions are already made in Boom Fantasy betting, indicating its demand. Boom Fantasy, the daily Fantasy Sports betting in Indiana, breaks the traditional DFS site by offering lineups and salary caps.

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    Operating under federal UIGEA fantasy sports and Boom Fantasy is legal in 37 states, and Indiana is one of them. The challenging barrier faced by players is the sheer time commitment involved in looking and setting lineups. But with Indiana Boom Fantasy odds, you can avoid such things. They follow an exciting format, making it more convenient for players to search the odds. In contrast, they might not be popular, but whoever has opted for this website claims that they are a reputed and trustworthy platform. To learn more about online sportsbooks for DFS Bets, here is a full Indiana Boom Fantasy review.


    How Does Boom Fantasy Website Work?

    Boom Fantasy is known for a unique take on the Daily Fantasy Sports space compared to other websites’ salary cap-based contests. They make a series of predictions depending on the bettor’s performance in spite of picking players for filling a fantasy roster. Entering a Gaming tournament looks natural like any other website, but they offer a wide range of contests. Each contest has a unique entry fee, prize pool, etc. visit Boom Fantasy directly and pick up anyone you like.

    After that, players are asked eight questions containing several choices, which they need to answer. The questions can be:

    Which NHL player will be scoring more goals? Which NFL player can make the most rushing yards? Players need to answer the questions, and then they can see how their predictions are working when the game begins. Bettors accumulating more points will win a cash prize.

    Boom Fantasy Scoring

    In Boom fantasy, scoring is the simplest thing, and to earn more points and move to a higher place, you need to win contests like 50/50, GPP, H2H. The points you will win are clearly defined before you make a prediction. If there’s a tie, the winner closer to the correct option will be declared as the winner by the top DFS betting sites. Additionally, if there is any question regarding a player who is no longer playing, it is canceled. But, when many bettors are playing against other people, they all need to be inactive to exclude a question.


    On an initial deposit amount of $600, IN Boom Fantasy bonus offers up to 100% deposit only to newbies. Deposits can be made through various payment methods available on the IN Boom Fantasy Android app.

    Adding Friends Offer

    One more exclusive offer provided by Boom Fantasy is when a player adds new friends. When a bettor is signing up by providing your recommendations, you will receive 20% earnings for LIFE and a $3 ticket. Here the bonus code is the player’s detail that you recommend. Inviting new players can help both of you gain a lot of net cash prize. It is an exclusive feature that you can enjoy only with Boom Fantasy.


    IN Boom Fantasy app might be new in the DFS sector, but the contests are quite big, including daily GPPs. They also offer a prize of $10 or higher for GPPs. Plenty of prizes are available in high-roller H2H and in various other contests that keep players entertained. Bettors playing for NASCAR with MLB get bigger contests.

    The Boom Fantasy Promo Code

    The Boom Fantasy promo code comes with two free entries, and claiming the perks is easy. A player needs to sign up on real money betting sites. You will get a $5 increment and must use it within 90 days.


    Boom Fantasy has come up with a special contest format where players need to play for six-figure jackpots. The software offers three buying levels, $1, $3, or $2, with progressive Jackpot starting from $100 to $100,000. It runs through a series of questions where you need to make predictions. Answering the question will win you higher payouts. Progressive jackpots grow till someone wins the top prize.


    In the Boom Fantasy online review, we would like to say that Boom Fantasy launched a new prediction contest, Streaks. It allows players to turn original buying into a 10,000 times payout. Here a single question is asked at a time, and answering it correctly will take you a step ahead. Win a reward by answering all the questions appropriately. Streaks also offer you to stop the game at step 4 and step 6. By stopping here, you can get a payout but cannot compete for the top prize.

    The Boom Fantasy Sports Challenges

    Various sports challenges are there to place your bets and win lucrative prizes. Before you start playing, here is a detailed overviewboom fantasy promotions that you need to check.


    Everyone knows that the NFL season is going on, and it’s an excellent time to place your bets. By placing the bet, you can compete against players and earn some prizes. Known to be a professional American Football League, and it is quite popular among youth worldwide. Prepare a strategy so that you can win as much amount as you can after placing the bets.

    Major League Baseball

    Like the NFL, Major League Baseball is a hot topic among today’s youth. Even after having a hectic schedule, they try their best to win some amount on the Games. It is one of the popular sports offered in Daily Fantasy websites. Around 30 teams take part in it, 15 from the National League and 15 from American League.


    NBA is also a popular season-long Fantasy game, and many bets are placed in this game. National Basketball Association, founded in 1946, in New York, includes 30 teams. It is considered the third wealthiest professional sports league, and is expected to begin from 1st December 2020.


    The 104th season will occur on 1st December 2020, and 31 teams are taking part in it. Here 82 games will take place, and you can pick a team and place your bets. The players’ statistics reveal that Boom Fantasy offers exclusive rewards who win betting in NHL matches.


    NASCAR is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company, owned for stock car racing. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, and the CEO is Jim France. The 2020 NASCAR series would be the 72nd season, and while the match is going on, you can place your bets via Boom Fantasy.


    A New Way of Playing

    Instead of the usual process, Boom Fantasy offers new ways to play the game. Here your victory depends on how good you are in predicting things. The objective is to accumulate as many numbers of points as a player can. The two versions are in-game play and standard play.

    In-Game Play

    Here, users need to click on the contest to enter, including an entry fee. Before entering the live game, bettors need to choose a three-man roster. To predict live events, players are given points within 20 seconds. Win prizes if your predictions are correct; otherwise, you lose.


    The process is more or less similar to an in-play game, but the contest is based on two or more games. For a portion of the prize pool, users compete against each other and depending on the answer selected, if it’s correct, you will earn the most points.

    Contest Types

    Players can select a contest to enter a DFS site, following which they need to draft the team with a salary cap set by the site. OnceiPhone X the player chooses the team, wait for the real game to begin. If you will win a cash prize or not, it depends on how the team performs. Contests are also divided into various categories, and they are:

    • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP): Bettors need to fix an entry fee to compile points for sharing a fixed prize pool. But guaranteed prize pools run irrespective of if it has got filled up or not.
    • Head-To-Head: A contest where two players go against each other, while the winner will receive the entire winning amount.
    • Cash Games: Here, either bettor can create their league or join the ongoing league, where the best performing fantasy team will get prizes. Compared to GPPs, they are smaller and not sure that they will run.
    • 50/50: In this contest type, the top half of the field doubles the investment, while the other half does not receive anything.

    Boom Fantasy Mobile Apps

    mobileWith a desktop interface, the top website, Boom Fantasy, is also offering a friendly app. Even though the gaming website is new in the gambling sector, the app surprisingly works quite well. It feels like the app is designed with a high budget fantasy operator.

    The app is designed with unique graphics containing the easiest login process. As soon as you log in, you will be directed to the featured contests page showing the big pool prizes. From the menu, choose a social game, and you can also come across jackpot games here. The screen bottom reveals your active contests, upcoming register contests, profile area, and group chat.

    In Boom Fantasy, a group chat feature is available, exclusive, and not available on another website. Through this, you can chat with the support personnel or with other users. It’s an amazing aspect, and players have liked it. Many players find that the mobile app is smoother and updated compared to the desktop website. Also, the application can be accessed by both iOS and Android users. Most importantly, the jackpot games are missing from the desktop version.

    Boom Fantasy Deposit Methods

    Presently, to start playing with real money in Boom Fantasy, all you need to have is either a credit card or PayPal. The credit cards included are MasterCard, Visa, Discover. The minimum deposit money is $1, while withdrawals are processed within a day. The bonus is given at 4%, such as the amount at the entry. Suppose at the entry you have entered $100; you get a $4 bonus. All the banking options are safe, and you will not come across any situation while making a payment.

    Withdrawing of the amount can be done after an hour of completing the match. For withdrawing any funds at any point in time, you need to lift the minimum withdrawal requirement.

    Customer Support

    Facing any difficulty while placing bets or with anything, a player needs to visit Boom Fantasy’s support team. Proceed to the lower right corner of the screen where you will come across a live chat option. Click on that and start the conversion, and your problem will get solved at some time.

    By sending an email regarding your matter, you can also state the issue that you are facing. But you must know that the experts reply to emails only on business hours, so you would need to wait for some time to get your issue resolved. For more information, you can still visit the FAQ section. Many players claim that their problems get solved after reading that.

    Latest News

    In 2018, Boom Fantasy announced that it has closed at $4.5 million, making its mark in the US gambling sector. This happened soon after the launch of Boom Fantasy Streaks. With that, it has become the leading company in the US betting industry.

    Final Verdict

    Here we are concluding the Boom Fantasy Review, and it’s highly recommended that you try this DFS website. Looking for a manageable and fun experience, Boom Fantasy would be the right choice for you, with the intuitive and sleek design; you will enjoy every bit of it. Just give a shot, and you will never stop playing on Boom Fantasy. Boom Fantasy is here to survive for a long time, and you will definitely enjoy it when it comes up with new games.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Boom Fantasy legal in Indiana?
    Yes, Boom Fantasy in Indiana is legal.
    How old should I be to have a right to bet on Boom Fantasy?
    You need to be at least 18 years to have a right to bet on Boom Fantasy.
    Is there an Android app for Boom Fantasy site?
    Yes, there is an Android app for the Boom Fantasy site.
    How can I contact Customer Support on Boom Fantasy?
    To contact Customer Support on Boom Fantasy, you can send an email or speak with them through live chat.
    Will my winnings be taxed on Boom Fantasy in IN?
    Yes, your winnings will be taxed on Boom Fantasy in Indiana.

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