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Published: Nov 7, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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Caesars, the name alone, shakes the online gambling world. The company impacted the casino world, and the sportsbook is not left out. Caesars sportsbook launched its services fully in Indiana in May 2020. It became the seventh online sportsbook in Indiana. No worries about legality as the sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the Indiana Gaming Commission. Since Caesars Sportsbook launched in Indiana, it has been making its way to the top, posing a threat to many other competitors that arrived earlier. It is not surprising because, considering how they treat their customers, they deserve it. For that, the customers support and remain loyal to the sportsbook. If you have your doubts about them, you will have a change of heart with this IN Caesars sportsbook online review.

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    Caesars Sportsbook Promos and Bonuses

    Caesars are very generous to their loyal customers; they give massive bonuses. When the sportsbook first arrived in Indiana, they granted their customers online credits worth up to one million dollars with certain Indiana promo codes Caesars sportsbook. Although the promo was over as of July 2020, we just wanted to show you what the brand is capable of. The bookmaker still offers its sports betting customers huge bonuses that you can enjoy till now. If you register with Caesars, you will get the following Indiana Caesars sportsbook bonus;

    • No deposit sign up bonus: Caesars grants new customers a no deposit bonus of $10 in free bets. It cannot be withdrawn as it is in free bets. You would get it once your account is fully verified. The bonus might look small, but it is sufficient for trying out their services, even though you are assured to like it.
    • Welcome Bonus: For the Indiana Caesars welcome bonuses, you will need no bonus code. It is a deposit bonus. The bonus is a 100% deposit bonus. It is matched up to $300, so the maximum you can get from it is $300. Don’t forget that you have to be a resident of Indiana to enjoy this bonus. You would need no IN Caesars promo code. The minimum deposit is $10, so sadly, you would not receive any bonus if you deposit less than $10. We advise that you aim to deposit $300 so that you can enjoy the maximum benefit of the bonus. The bonus would be in free bets meaning you would not be able to withdraw it. It is a smart move by the sportsbook as some customers want to take undue advantage by withdrawing the bonus without placing any bets.

    Loyalty Programs and Special Offers

    Caesars sportsbook adds some rewards programs and special offers to support the bonuses they offer. You could enjoy some of which are;

    • BettingOnline Reward Credits: Caesars has what they call online reward credits. You earn them from the sportsbook. The online reward credits can be converted into cash. Isn’t that awesome? The rate of conversion is 1000 reward credits to $10. Now it’s starting to make sense; imagine the company once gave its customers a million credits, do the math. That’s how generous Caesars is to their customers.
    • Caesars Players Club: Caesars players club is a special club, more like the VIPs. As a member of this club, you enjoy many more offers than regular members. It’s better experienced than described.

    Sports Available at Caesars Sportsbook in IN

    Of course, by now, you may be curious about the sports you would be able to wager on. Caesars sure has top titles. The sports you would be able to play are;

    • Tennis
    • Baseball (MLB)
    • Football (XFL, NCAAF, NFL, CFL)
    • Golf
    • Boxing
    • Basketball (Int’l, NBA, NCAAB)
    • Soccer
    • Rugby League
    • MMA
    • Hockey (Int’l, NHL)

    You have more than enough sports to place wagers on. It’s left to you to pick; the ball is in your court.

    Types of Bets

    Caesars sportsbook in Indiana offers a lot of betting options for your favorite sports. It should not hit you as a surprise for the number of available options. You expect nothing less from a top-class sportsbook. Here are available bets that are in the Indiana sportsbook:

    • Moneyline: Moneyline is a very easy betting option that you could use for making bets. When two teams are playing, placing a moneyline is simply picking the team that you speculate to win. Moneyline does not include point spread. It’s that easy. The moment the team you pick wins, Caesars sportsbook pays you the amount due.
    • Point Spread: Point spread is arguably the most used betting option. Caesars use this option because when two teams are playing, irrespective of the sport, one team would always be stronger than the other. Point spread exists to even the playing ground, if not bettors would win every time by simply picking the stronger one. Aside from the Caesars sports book odds in Indiana, the stronger team, which is the favorite, has a minus (-) point spread. The supposedly weaker team, which are the underdogs, have a plus (+) point spread. As a bettor, you win if the team you pick wins the game or the team loses by an amount lesser than the point spread.
    • Halftime lines: Another supposedly special betting option offered in the Caesars sportsbook sports betting arsenal. To simplify it, halftime lines are more like betting on only the second half of the competition. So for the sake of betting, you assume that at the beginning of the second half, the score is back to 0-0.
    • CasinoFutures betting: Futures betting is another interesting and suspense-filled option. It involves making bets on competition that is a series. In short, you are wagering on the possibility of a future event that is yet to happen—for example, betting on the winner of the world cup even though it is not yet the finals. It sure holds lots of potential wins for bettors.
    • Parlays: A parlay is a more complicated bet. Why is that so? That is because it involves at least two other betting options combined and played at once. It could be more than two options, of course. You could combine futures, point spreads, money line, and many more into one bet; that is what is referred to as a parlay. For the parlay to be counted as a win, all the options that are combined must win.
    • Teasers: Teasers have many similarities to parlays but be careful not to confuse the two. They both involve joining more than one betting option into one. So what is the difference? In a teaser bet, punters may decide to adjust the point spreads between ten and four points. The adjustments depend on the bettor or the sport.
    • Totals: Totals bet also widely known as Over/Under bet. The bet is also one of the simplest you could pick. All you have to do is bet on over or under what you predict two teams’ total scores will be. Let’s look at an example: how would you place totals bet in an Indiana Caesars sportsbook football contest? If you bet that the result would be under 3, it means that irrespective of who the match winner is, you expect that the total of the two team scores would be less than three. If your bet was over 3, you expect the addition of the two team’s scores would be more than three, irrespective of the winner.
    • Prop Bet: Prop bet, shortened proposition bet. The bet is very similar and mostly confused with futures bet. The difference between prop and futures bet is that rather than wagering on a team as in futures bet, you are only wagering on a particular player in props bet. The bet is mostly based on how a player would perform throughout the competition.

    Sports Betting

    Caesars Sportsbook Mobile Apps in Indiana

    As a top sportsbook, you’d expect that Caesars has a mobile app. Caesars does not disappoint in that area. Apart from the website where you can visit Caesars directly in Indiana, the Caesars sportsbook app has all the site’s functions. The app is available on iOS and Android. So if you use iOS, you might want to swipe up to the App Store and get it.

    On the other hand, if you use an Android smartphone, you will get the Caesars Android app easily on playstore. It works on all Android smartphones, iPhones, PCs, and tablets. The app, whether the iOS or Android version is well optimized for mobile, so you would not experience any bugs.


    There are numerous deposit and withdrawal and deposit options for Caesars in Indiana, so it is up to you to pick your most preferred method. Keep in mind that the minimum deposit is $10.


    • Credit and Debit Cards: Caesars Indiana accepts debit and credit cards that are either MasterCard or Visa cards.
    • E-Check: Through ACH echeck, you could easily process your deposits into the sportsbook.
    • PayNearMe: With PayNearMe, you could also easily process your deposits, very straightforward.
    • PayPal: The customers’ favorite e-wallet, of course, you expect no less from Caesars. You can effectively use PayPal to fund your account.


    • PayPal: Withdrawing with PayPal is relatively easy, and it could take up to two to four working days for you to receive your funds.
    • E-Check: With ACH echeck, you could also make withdrawals. It takes up to three to five working days for you to receive your funds.

    Latest News in Indiana

    Caesars CasinoSo far, Indiana has been very receptive to sports betting and gambling in general, which has contributed to the growth of Caesars sportsbook Indiana. Early in the year 2020, the coronavirus pandemic struck, and it affected the sports world greatly. Sporting activities were put to halt. It affected the sportsbook greatly as there was a massive decline in the betting activities.

    Until recently, when sports have resumed, everything is back to normal, the loyal customers came trooping to place their bets. It was surprising, the rate at which there was an increase in wagers placed. Now the sportsbook is still up and running, satisfying the gambling needs of customers.


    At this point, we believe Caesars sportsbook has spoken for itself. Such offers, you would not get elsewhere. It is encouraging to see how seriously the sportsbook takes its customers. Caesars sportsbook renders selfless service to their loyal customers. Without saying much more, with everything we have mentioned in this IN Caesars sportsbook review, the sportsbook is recommended for every bettor, irrespective of whether you are new to the betting world or you have had previous experience elsewhere. Caesars sportsbook, anytime, any day.

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    Caesars Sportsbook FAQs

    Is Caesars online sportsbook legal in Indiana?
    Yes, Caesars online sportsbook is legal in Indiana. It is licensed and regulated by the Indiana gaming commission.
    Who can play at Caesars in Indiana?
    Only people age 18 and above can play in Indiana. Unfortunately, if you are playing sports betting below 18 years in Indiana, it is deemed illegal;
    Does Caesars charge fees in Indiana?
    You would not be charged any fee or commission from Caesars sportsbook in Indiana. The sportsbook takes no fee or commission on your deposit and withdrawals.
    Are Caesars winnings taxed in Indiana?
    Yes, winnings are taxed. Although Caesars sportsbook does not charge any fee or commission, it is Indiana's law to take taxes so the government will have their little share of your winnings.
    How long does it take to withdraw from Caesars sportsbook in Indiana?
    It depends on the withdrawal method that you make use of. On average, it takes between two to five working bank days to make withdrawals into your bank.

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