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Fantasydraft Betting Review & Promo Code

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Wagering on daily fantasy games has been legal in Indiana since 2016. Among the leading sites that offer DFS betting is FantasyDraft. This site was launched in the year 2014, and over the years have gained massive popularity. In the year 2019, Fantasy Draft launched a new model and emerged as the first rake-free fantasy website. Contrary to other sites that charge rakes, FantasyDraft new model centers on subscriptions with fixed monthly costs. This means that you select a plan, pay the subscription fee, and then you do not have to pay for rake again. This is a detailed IN FantasyDraft review that will tell you everything you need to know about the website.


How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports?

Playing DFS betting is easy and starts with choosing the site and then picking the sports that you want to bet on. You also need to pick a team that you want to bet on. Websites typically offer a wide range of sports options such as NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA NHL, etc. You will also get a lot of different betting options, including money lines, prop bets, futures, etc. Once you have selected the sports, it is time to pick the game. Different sites offer various types of DGF games such as GPP, Head to Head, Double Up/ 50/50, Free Roll Games, etc.

When betting on DFS, evaluating the scoring system is important. Websites have different scoring systems for the various games that they offer.

Scoring System of Various Games in FantasyDraft IN

NFL Scoring

Offense  Points
Passing Touchdown 4 points
Interception -1 point
300+ Passing Yards 3 points
Passing Yards .04 points per yard
Rushing Touchdown 6 points
100+ Rushing Yards 3 points
Receptions 1 point
Rushing Yards .10 points per yard
Receiving Yards .10 points per yard
100+ Receiving Yards 3 points
Receiving Touchdown 6 points
Lost Fumble -1 point
Kick Return Touchdown 6 points
2 Point Conversion 2 points
Field Goal 50+ Yards 5 points
Field Goal 40-49 Yards 4 points
Field Goal 0-39 Yards  3 points
Extra Point Conversion 1 point


Defense Points 
35+ Points Allowed -6 points
28-34 Points Allowed -4 points
21-27 Points Allowed -1 point
14-20 Points Allowed 1 point
7-13 Points Allowed 4 points
1-6 Points Allowed 7 points
0 Points Allowed 10 points
Blocked Kick 2 points
Safety 2 points
Defensive Touchdown 6 points
Interception 2 points
Sack 1 point


MLB Scoring


Hitters  Points 
Caught Stealing -2 points
Stolen Base 5 points
Hit by Pitch 2 points
Base on Balls 2 points
Run 2 points
RBI 2 points
Home Run 10 points
Triple 8 points
Double 5 points
Single 3 points


Pitchers  Points 
No Hitter 10 points
Complete Game + Shutout 2.5 points
Complete Game 2.5 points
Hit Batter -0.6 points
Base on Balls Against -0.6 points
Hit Against -0.6 points
Earned Run Against -2 points
Win 4 points
Strikeout 2 points
Innings Pitched 2.25 per complete inning

(.75 point per each 1/3rd inning pitched)


NBA Scoring


Statistics Points
Triple-Double 3 points
Double-Double 1.5 points
Turnover -0.5 points
Block 2 points
Steal 2 points
Rebound 1.25 points
Assist 1.5 points
3-Point Basket 0.5 bonus points
Point Scored 1 point


Statistics Points
Point Scored 1 point
3-Point Basket 0.5 bonus points
Assist 1.5 points
Rebound 1.25 points
Steal 2 points
Block 2 points
Turnover -0.5 points
Double-Double 1.5 points
Triple-Double 3 points


NHL Scoring


Skaters  Points 
Blocked Shot 2 points
Hat Trick Bonus 8 points
Shorthanded Assist Bonus 3 points
Shorthanded Goal Bonus 5 points
Shot on Goal 2 points
Assist 6 points
Goal 1.2 points


Skaters  Points 
Blocked Shot 2 points
Hat Trick Bonus 8 points
Shorthanded Assist Bonus 3 points
Shorthanded Goal Bonus 5 points
Shot on Goal 2 points
Assist 6 points
Goal 1.2 points


Win 5 points
Save 0.5 points
0 Goals Allowed 15 bonus points
1 Goal Allowed 10 bonus points
2 Goals Allowed 5 bonus points
3 Goals Allowed 2 bonus points
4 Goals Allowed -2 points
5 Goals Allowed -4 points
6+ Goals Allowed -8 points


PGA Scoring


In-Play Stats Points
Double Eagle 25 points
Eagle 10 points
Birdie 5 points
Par 1 point
Bogey -1 point
Double Bogey -2 points
Worse Than Double Bogey -3 points


Tournament Finish Points
1st 25 points
2nd 20 points
3rd 15 points
4th 13 points
5th 12 points
6th 11 points
7th 10 points
8th 9 points
9th 8 points
10th 7 points
11th-15th 6 points
16th-20th 5 points
21st-25th 4 points
26th-30th 3 points
31st-40th 2 points
41st-50th 1 point
51+ 0 points


Bonuses and Streaks Points 
Hole in One 5 points
Bogey Free Round 5 points
Over 5 Birdies or Better Streak 5 points
4 Birdies or Better Streak 4 points
3 Birdies or Better Streak 3 points


Bonuses and Promotions Offered By FantasyDraft

The following is the what you get with the FantasyDraft bonus in IN:

  • Welcome Bonus: When you make the first deposit of $10, you are eligible to receive a 4% cashback on the entry fees for the initial 90 days.  To acquire this you do not need to add any bonus code or promo codes FantasyDraft in Indiana.
  • Referral Bonus: The site offers 6 levels of the pay referral system, which is unique and exciting. When you refer a person to the site, you acquire a commission every time they place a wager. If that person refers to another person, you get a commission on both. You will continue to earn this commission up to six people on the original recruit.

Sports Offered in Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

NFL Betting

NFL season brings a lot of excitement for sports enthusiasts and bettors in Indiana. The matches are held once every weekend. SoSports Betting this gives enough time for bettors to analyze the player’s statistics, team journey, matchups, trends, and line movements. FantasyDrafts allow you to bet on all major NFL events within the country.

MLB Betting

Major League Baseball has 163 games per season, thereby providing many profitable betting opportunities. MLB is among the popular offerings by FantasyDraft with interesting odds and betting options. Money lines, totals, run lines, parlays, five-innings lines, futures, and prop bets are among the popular betting options.

CFB Betting

Colleges across the United States of America host football tournaments. These are not only popular within the campus, but also outside of it as well. FantasyDraft allows bettors in the state of Indiana to bet on college football tournaments by offering exciting IN FantasyDraft odds, wagering options, and relevant information.

PGA Betting

Professional golf is not merely fun to play, but it also comes with tons of lucrative bettering opportunities. FantasyDrafts is one of the best sites where you can bet on professional golf tournaments. When you are updated with the right knowledge and the latest information, you can earn a lot by PGA betting.


With pucks, skates, and a lot of speed, action, and skills, the NHL offers adrenaline-pumping excitement not just for fans but also for bettors. NHL season starts from October and remains till September of the following year. This gives plenty of time for US betting enthusiasts to make big bucks.

Contest Choices for Daily Fantasy Sports Betting in Indiana

Following are some of the popular contest choices for DFS betting:

 Guaranteed Prize Pool

GPP is a form of tournament contest in which the cash prize is guaranteed irrespective of the number of participants. TheseNFL tournaments can be either single or double entry. In the single entry, the winning odds remain the same for all bettors as the entries are capped at a single player. In multi-entry, every participant can submit multiple lineups for a single contest.

Leagues Betting

It is defined as a series of sports teams that compete against each other in a sport. This contest can be hosted with local athletes or international professional leagues. As multiple games are included, leagues allow bettors to make tons of money. League can include a single competition or series of similar competitions.

50/50 Betting

A 50/50 contest is defined as a contest in which the participants belonging to the top tier get paid the money and the ones at the button half end of losing the entry fees. There are greater odds of winning, making it more reliable betting options. All winning participants are paid the same amount.

Head-to-Head or H2H Betting

Head-to-Head or H2H is a straightforward form of betting. It is referred to as a one-on-one matchup where there will be a winner and a loser.

Multiplier Betting

A Multiplier bet is when you create a coupon with numerous games on it. This means that if you participate in a coupon, you need to add a particular number of games on it, the overall odds will be higher because you receive an additional multiplier to the odds.

 Qualifier Betting

Typically, qualifying matches are held on the weekend before the event and qualifiers have to win two or three qualifying games to get a spot in the main draw. Betting on qualifier matches can be extremely profitable and exciting.

IN FantasyDraft App

Now let’s discuss the kind of experience you will get on the mobile with this website. This is a browser-based platform so you will not have to download a dedicated app. To begin with, the interface of the mobile app is clear and highly intuitive. The menus are laid out in a clear manner so you will have no trouble finding your way around. The options for FantasyDraft betting in IN  that you get on the desktop version is also provided on the mobile version as well.  The site is compatible with all major browsers that include Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. Irrespective of the screen you choose, you will have the same level of experience.


Banking Options

Deposit Methods

When it comes to depositing options, FantasyDraft can certainly make improvements. It offers debit and credit card payments that are seen in most of the betting sites today. Other than that, you can also use PayPal and American Express cards to make the deposit. Other than these four options, the site is yet to introduce more options. Following are the limitations that you have to take care of with these methods –

  • Visa 

Minimum deposit: $10

Maximum deposit: $200

Fee: Nil

Turnaround time: Instant

  • Mastercard 

Minimum deposit: $10

Maximum deposit: $200

Fee: Nil

Turnaround time: Instant

  • American Express 

Minimum deposit: $10

Maximum deposit: $200

Fee: Nil

Turnaround time: Instant

  • PayPal 

Minimum deposit: $10

Maximum deposit: $200

Fee: Nil

Turnaround time: Instant

Withdrawal Options

The ease of withdrawal options is one of the important factors that bettors look for when deciding on a DFS betting website. When it comes to the depositing method, FantasyDrafts only offers two options. Following are the limitations you have to take care of while withdrawing your winnings:

  • PayPal 

Minimum deposit: $10

Maximum deposit: No limit

Fee: Nil

Turnaround time: 1 to 2 business days

  • Cheque 

Minimum deposit: $10

Maximum deposit: No limit

Fee: Nil

Turnaround time: 7 to 10 business days

Customer Support By FantasyDraft 

croupierThe company has formulated a detailed FAQ section that covers a lot of questions. Answers related to account opening, bonuses, games, etc. can all be found in this section. If your issue is related to rules and scoring of a particular game, the rules are explained in the help section of the official website. But if you are looking for an answer to a specific question that is not the website, you can write it to the company. On the support page, there is a form that you can fill along with your question. The team mostly replied back quickly. You can visit  FantasyDraft Directly in Indiana and get all answers easily.

Monkey Knife Fight Takes Over FantasyDraft

Monkey Knife Fight is one of the biggest fantasy sports gaming sites in North America. This fastest-growing company hassports betting acquired FantasyDraft. The financial details of this acquisition are not yet to disclose to the public. This deal gives MKF the right to absorb the other party’s assets along with the user base. The acquisition will reinforce the stance of this DFS platform in the market. FantasyDraft acquired Fantasy Aces back in the year. This decision made it one of the biggest DFS companies after FanDuel and DraftKings. Ever since it was rolled out in 2014, FantasyDraft has also bagged many endorsements including London Fletcher, Shannon, Shannon Sharpe, and Jimmy Johnson.

As per the CEO and co-founder of Monkey Knife Fight, Bill Asher, this acquisition was a great move for the company given its current size and market reputation. The company is taking an aggressive approach in terms of collecting market share and influencing this fiercely competitive space. Fantasy Draft and Monkey Knife Fight dominated the recent award ceremony. They were both nominated for Fantasy Sports Operator of the Year at the EGR Operator Awards. The winner of this will be announced in November and they were the only two nominations for this category.


FantasyDraft is one of the most popular DFS betting sites in Indiana. It allows people to bet on all popular sports events in the country. Also, FantasyDraft offers tons of wagering options for players to choose from. The mobile betting experience is also at par with the desktop version. But the site needs to make some improvements in its banking options and customer care services. Nevertheless, it is a great betting platform for players who are looking to make money through sports betting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FantasyDraft legal in Indiana?

Yes, the FantasyDraft website is legally operating in Indiana. Bettors who are above 21 years of age can participate through the website.

Should I pay fees during registration on FantasyDraft in IN?

FantasyDrafts in Indiana allow players to register on the website for free as well. But to avail the welcome bonus, players have to make a minimum deposit of $10.

Is there an app for the FantasyDraft site?

As of now, there is no dedicated app for FantasyDraft. But the website is compatible with major browsers so you will get the same experience on desktop and mobile.

What is the best strategy to bet on FantasyDraft?

There is no set strategy to bet on FantasyDraft. It is all about collecting the right information, assessing the players and teams, monitoring the odds, etc., and then making the right decision.

Can I win real money on FantasyDraft?

Yes, FantasyDraft offers real money wagering on sports events. The site offers tons of sports options to bet on and earn money.


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