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Full TVG Racebook Review & Bonus Code

Published: Sep 28, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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It doesn’t take a grand race genius or insider knowledge to crack the gambling code of horse betting. TVG (Television Games Network) Racebook, a Paddy Power Betfair (FanDuel Group) sports betting brand, successfully brings natural dirt oval action and invaluable insight from horse racing experts to the average online player to make this possible.

Launched in the spring of 1999 as a horse-racing TV channel, TVG racebook app has extended its commitment further by providing wagering services for United States residents to both online, landline, and mobile betting platforms seamlessly.

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    TVG Racebook sports betting hosts over 100 racing tracks across the world split between horses and Greyhound racing and has made the US betting scene more enjoyable. The stand-out features offered include a wide range of live streaming options, access to free past performances programs, recommendations from horse betting pros, and real-time notifications for users. Furthermore, TVG Racebook placed its headquarters at the heart of the US and ensures maximum safety for resident users. This is accomplished by being in compliance with legal implications of the United States gambling laws with an approved license that supports most of the 50 states in the country.

    Online Betting

    Racebook Races Available at TVG Racebook

    TVG is efficient at covering over 100 racing tracks across the globe and offers an array of betting opportunities that can translate to huge payouts for the American better.

    In the 100s of thoroughbred horse races TVG Racebook brings to betters worldwide, the following are the top picks of racing tracks players enjoy most.

    Belmont Park

    Why Choose Belmont Park?

    • Host to the reputable Test of the Champions endurance race.
    • A host to the third leg of the Triple Crown Races in early June.
    • All hall of fame horse-racers of the 20th century have raced in its big and long homestretch.
    • Long and wide dimensions make it one of the fairest racing tracks in the United States of America.

    Gulfstream Park

    Why Choose Gulfstream Park?

    • Record winning streaks and feats such as 60 winners broken by Angel Cordero Jr, 98 winners by Julie Krone, 113 winners by Javier Castellano took place in this race track.
    • Hosts all series of the ‘Sunshine Millions’ races.
    • Hosted three major stakes in its long-spanning history

    Churchill Downs Racetrack

    Why Choose Churchill Downs Racetrack?

    • The first Kentucky Derby was hosted in Churchill Downs racetrack and continues to be held there annually. The major event is attended by celebrities like Queen Elizabeth II and famous actor Jack Nicholson.
    • Ranked number 5 on the North America Horse-player’s Association list of 65 thoroughbred racing tracks.
    • Has hosted the Breeders’ Cup nine times.

    Santa Anita Park

    Why Choose Santa Arita Park?

    • Santa Arita has hosted the Breeders’ Cup 11 times since 1986.
    • It is home to the Santa Arita Derby and the Santa Arita Handicap.
    • Santa Arita complies with the state of California mandate but still maintains an all-natural dirt surface, a rarity in most United States racetracks.

    Keeneland Racetrack

    Why Choose Keeneland Racetrack?

    • Keeneland Racetrack was once ranked 1st in the top 10 list of the North America Horseplayers Association’s rating system.
    • Keeneland is the 2020 host of the prestigious Breeders’ Cup.
    • The racetrack features both Grade I, Grade II, Grade III, and Non-graded race stakes in its two racing seasons.

    Saratoga Racing

    Why Choose Saratoga Racing?

    • Operating since 1863, Saratoga Racing is the oldest in any of the major sporting events in the United States of America.
    • Saratoga has three main race tracks, two of them built with an emphasis on furlong circumferences.
    • In the course of a year, Saratoga is a host to several major races such as the Alabama Stakes.

    Del Mar Racing

    Why Choose Del Mar Racing?

    • Del Mar’s racetrack is one of the biggest racetracks in the United States and spans one-mile long oval.
    • The racetrack has a peculiar way of running all of their races counter-clockwise.
    • Synthetic materials have been removed from the racetrack and have been reverted back to the dirt-road racing style set to appear in its 2020 season.

    Monmouth Park Racing

    • In 2006, Monmouth Park was the first to host the Breeder’s Cup for two days in a row and brought about three newly formed races in that same event.
    • Monmouth Park Racings track has a wide circumference that is perfect for 1¼ mile races.
    • The grass has been designed to support long furlong sprints over 1/4.


    Types of Bet You Can Place at TVG Racebook

    TVG Racebook offers a range of personalized wagers. Their list of bets includes common wagers such as the following:

    • Win: This is the simplest of all bets. All you have to do is pick any winning horse in any of the TVG race pools.
    • Place: This type of bet requires the horse you pick to come in either first or second in a race.
    • Show: This bet extends from the previous one by picking a horse that should finish first, second, or third in the race.
    • Exacta: This type of bet requires more horse race betting skills to pull off. Your pick of horses of either first, second, or third must finish in the exact order that you predict.
    • Quimella: The Quimella bet functions like the Exacta but doesn’t require you to pick the horses that come in first, second, or third place in a particular order.
    • Trifecta: The trifecta is the most popular bet in horse racing due to its potential big payouts. Much like the Exacta, Trifecta requires a player to pick horses that will finish first, second, or third place and designate them in exact order.
    • Superfecta: The trifecta’s counterpart superfecta takes the ante up another level. To cash in on this kind of bet, you must either pick the horses that will finish first, second, third and in the fourth place and pick the exact order in which they will do so.
    • Daily Double: This type of betting requires players to show up early on race day. Which makes it more convenient for betters who place bets on the TVG betting app. TVG extends the option to place bets on which of the horses will be the winners of the first two races of the day taking place at one particular track.

    TVG Racebook Mobile App

    mobileDoes TVG Racebook have an option for people who prefer betting online on their mobile phone application? Yes. TVG is not just one of the best online betting sites but also gives betters the convenience of accessing games with a real-time mobile online gaming experience. The TVG betting app is available for download and is compatible with both Android and IOS mobile devices.

    Users can access up to 150 tracks worldwide on the TVG betting app’s interface at a go. They can view 100s of races through the Live streaming capabilities that it offers and enjoy the same betting bonuses and TVG live streaming options available on the online version of TVG once they sign up on their app.

    You will be asked to verify your location when you go through the easy sign-up process to determine whether you are in a legal gambling state. You can deposit and withdraw on the app just the same as on TVG’s online betting software.

    TVG Racebook Betting Software

    TVG’s online betting software offers updated information on popular tracks, b etting pools that you can join on that particular day, odds for each team, racing results, and lets you know which races to look forward to.

    TVG online betting software includes handicapping features like Stats Race Lens. Our TVG Racebook Indiana review informs punters about sports like Major League Baseball that gets similar coverage as horsebetting. TVG allows a better view of full racing schedules, TVG’s track codes, and other information that reduces unfavorable odds in betting.

    TVG Racebook Welcome Bonus and Bonus Code

    Promotions and contests includes bonuses for signing up that can be activated without the need for an initial cash deposit into your TVG account. Every player that signs up for TVG gets to claim the $300 that is up for grabs after confirming their registration.

    All they need to do is enter a TVG promo code LSRTVG to activate the TVG Racebook bonus. This is a $300 is risk-free welcome bonus that players can bet on their first races, all on a single wager. If they lose money in this wager, TVG will replace that money.

    This bonus demands no wagering requirements. The only exception is that the TVG Racebook bonus money can only be used for betting on races when an account is approved and no preceding $300 bet has taken place. It is not for withdrawal purposes.

    Ongoing Promotions and Contests

    Ongoing bonuses and promotions aimed at specific races, for example, saver bets. Keeping players riveted with contests between races are at the order of the day.

    Cash keeper – take part in a short quiz to see how much money you can win.

    Saver promo is for multiple and single bets which works like a cashback incentive. For example, when you have a trifecta and one of your bets are wrong, you will get some money back instead of losing it all.

    Not to miss are the Super 5 and Super 8 contests. Free to enter you stand a chance to win $5000 prize pool during each contest. It will be in the Promotions tab and race specific where you pick either 5 or 8 horses over the races specified. All the additional details will be with the contests but a fun and sure way to get more free money.

    TVG Racebook Wager Rewards Program

    In addition to this, TVG Racebook sky-rockets the chances of winning by offering a wager rewards program that gives playersHorses loyalty points every time they place a bet on their platform.

    For every 2500 points you earn, you will get $5. You will also receive a dollar for every wager placed on TVG.

    You also receive a bonus if you refer a friend.

    TVG makes two contests available to users: Super 5 & 8, which require you to pick five or more winners in races to boost your winning potential.

    All promotional bonuses are for wagering and can’t be withdrawn.

    TVG Racebook Banking Withdrawal Deposits

    Most banking options are compatible with making deposits to TVG. There are some charges associated with making these deposits.

    Deposits methods such as using a TVG green Dot Prepaid Card or a credit card will cost you a fee of $5.

    Wire Transfers will cost $15 for all deposits that are under $1000. BetCash, in-person deposits, and mail order deposits are free.

    Choose from these options:

    • Debit/credit cards – a popular options used in most casinos
    • Cash at tracks – TVG support will be able to tell you which tracks allows direct deposits
    • Paynearme – your local convenience store can be a good secure method to fund TVG accounts.
    • Wire transfer – while it is a trusted deposit method, check the amount that you wish to deposit first as this comes with a fee of $15 which might not be worth it if you plan to make a small deposit. Amounts above $1, 000 are free.
    • Bank transfer – using bank transfer is instant too working on the same principle as paying bills. Quick, easy and safe method to fund your account.
    • PayPal – certainly the top deposit method available especially for casino betting with the anonymity attached. PayPal fees are minor and a small parentage of the transaction only depending on your linked bank account.
    • TVG Prepaid Card – apply for your card to ensure safe and secure deposits and working like an ATM card, deposit, withdraw or spend.


    Here’s the full rundown of payout withdrawal methods: withdrawing your winnings from TVG has conditions similar to depositing money. You have the option of logging into your account to withdraw or request your money at a race track. The time it takes to process a withdrawal varies with each method. When asking for your money, some methods are free while some will charge a common fee.

    Choose from these options:

    • Debit and credit cards – you will not pay any fees to use this popular withdrawal method. It is two of the most used options on gambling platforms for its safety. The downside is waiting between 5 – 8 days for funds.
    • Cash at track – depending on the track you will be able to withdraw at the track if it supports TVG. No fees with this option.
    • Wire transfer – safe it certainly is, but it does come with $15 fees for amounts under $1, 000
    • Money Orders – money orders are used but not the preferred method unless waiting between 21 – 28 days is an option.


    Various currencies are accepted including USD, Canadian Dollar and Euros.

    TVG Racebook FAQ

    Is TVG Racebook Legal in the US?

    Due to state laws, not all of the states in the United States allow TVG Racebook to operate. TVG only extends its wagering services to the states where it’s licensed or has the permission granted to carry out ADW (advance deposit wagering).

    What States Allow TVG Racebook?

    T VG Racebook is legal in only 33 states of the country. Residents of a legal state, which are physically located in that state, and are 18 years or older can place wagers. Unfortunately, if you are in or from any of the states listed below, you are not allowed to place bets on TVG:

    • Alabama
    • Alaska
    • Georgia
    • Hawaii
    • Kansas
    • Maine
    • Michigan
    • Mississippi
    • Missouri
    • Nebraska
    • Nevada
    • North Carolina
    • Oklahoma
    • South Carolina
    • Tennessee
    • Texas
    • Utah
    • Wisconsin
    • District of Columbia

    Some states can view races and create accounts but are only eligible to place bets by calling the TVG wagering hotline: 1-888-884-9243. Some states will be redirected to place their bets online.

    As for betting on Greyhound tracks, only these states are allowed:

    • Arkansas
    • Connecticut
    • Colorado
    • Oregon
    • Florida
    • Wyoming
    • Massachusetts

    How Does TVG Racebook Payout?

    If a horse’s functional odds are stated as 4/1 on the interface, it means that for every dollar bet on that horse you stand to gain four dollars if you win, which equates to a $3 profit.

    These are only estimates, consulting with the host of a pool is always the best source of information on potential earnings.

    How Do I Use My TVG Racebook Bonus?

    You can claim your TVG Racebook $300 bonus by inserting a T VG promo code when signing up for an account. This TVG Racebook bonus will be activated and requires that you spend it on your first $300 bet for it to be activated. You will be refunded if you lose this bet. There are other bonuses available, just type in ‘promo codes TVG Racebook’ on their official website’s search query to find them.

    Is TVG Racebook Safe?

    Yes. A screening process takes place when a resident signs-up on TVG Racebook to determine whether they are from a legal state or not and to keep their information safe. The methods of verification are a physical address, a device’s IP address, as well as geolocation tracking that TVG will ask users to enable by allowing access to their location.

    TVG Racebook Online Review Conclusion

    RacingDon’t just read the TVG Racebook review, you can try it out for yourself. TVG Racebook makes it easy to bet on your favorite jockeys, peek current racing action results at the racetracks, and to see how well you fare against other betters in the pari-mutuel pools. When you look for TVG Racebook odds in Indiana, TVG’s Stats Race Lens is comprehensive. Also, the updates and recommendations from experts will give you that competitive edge you’ve been missing out on.

    It’s terribly easy to get up and running with TVG, signing up for an account takes only a few minutes and requires a few details to approve your registration. For example, let us assume you wanted to access betting markets Indiana: you would have to be physically present in the Indiana state to sign up and peek TVG Racebook odds in do this. Once that is out of the way, you can enjoy the immense p romotions and contests of having real recommendations from the pros, unprecedented handicapping information, and enough betting options to set yourself up for a win. What are you still waiting for? Download the app. Amazon and Apple devices are supported. Now, all you have to do is watch and wager.

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