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Play Monkey Knife Fight For Best DFS Betting Review & Promo Code

Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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Monkey Knife Fight launched its online gaming site in the year 2018 and has recorded tremendous success ever since. It is solely owned by Bill Asher, a tech-savvy billionaire who is also the Chief Executive Officer, while Nic Sulsky is the President. Online gamblers widely accept the site as they visit Monkey Knife Fight directly in Indiana and it continues to record a 4x growth every year since its inception. MKF is a Daily Fantasy Sport platform and is licensed for play in every state that legalizes DFS.

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    How to Play On DFS Sites Indiana

    Before you place your bets on any daily fantasy sport, it would be best if you understood the pointers and betting system of the game. For example:

    Keep Abreast With the News

    Basketball games mostly rely heavily on the news. New players replacing the injured ones are very profitable options to bet on, so having up-to-date knowledge of each game gives you a winning edge.

    Do Not Rush Your Line-UPS

    Sudden changes happen all the time in DFS games. If you place bets early, it is best to leave your line-up open for last-minute alterations.


    It would be best if you came up with a betting plan to increase your winning edge, for instance, loading up players from a single team is a brilliant strategy in baseball games. You may decide on the best team(s) for you by looking at the IN Monkey Knife Fight DFS odds.

    Make Solid Predictions

    You can make sound predictions based on rankings and price value; use these to draw conclusions and realistic projections on subsequent games.

    Play With Your Head and Not Your Heart

    It is never a good idea to gamble based on sentiments or bias of your favourite team(s). It would help if you always kept in mind that you’re betting on numbers and statistical figures

    Draw Wisdom From the Crowd

    You may want to consider the public’s opinion and use them to balance out your own. The crowd are often right, but sometimes wrong, so it’s best that you don’t make decisions solely based on their perceptions.

    Have a Unique Line-Up, Contrary to the Norm

    Pick your mix and don’t always follow the crowd. You need to add your flavour and insight to your game for a strategic line-up and a better winning chance.

    Have Multiple Strategies

    It would be best to have a diversity of playing strategies. It would help if you didn’t employ a single method for all your bets, as it would limit your chances of winning.

    Monkey Knife Fight Promotions And Bonuses

    Monkey Knife Fight bonus offers a bunch of exciting deals to clients including welcome bonuses, deposit and no-deposit bonuses.

    Welcome Bonus

    Sportsbook OptionsThe site offers a new welcome Monkey Knife Fight promo code in IN for September 2020: “LINE-UPS” to win $50. The promo code Monkey Knife Fight changes from time to time.

    Deposit Bonus

    Your first deposit attracts a 100% welcome bonus offer up to $50. This amount reflects in your account as a pending bonus. You can convert it into cash if you fulfil the play-through requirement, as 4% on each of your bets. The site has a buy-in range of $2 to $500.

    No-deposit Bonus

    There is a free $5 sign-up bonus after complete registration.

    Free Game Bonus

    The site offers a $10 gift on all deposits.

    Loyalty Programs for Indiana Players

    The loyalty program is employed by most gaming sites to attract and encourage customers to stick with them. MKF, by far, offers one of the best loyalty packages to clients. The site rewards customers for their continued patronage by partaking in special contests to win ‘MKF Dollars’. These dollars can replace real cash to play in specific sports challenges in Indiana contests and deals precisely like real money. Also, they sometimes give special promotions and offers at random to old and new clients.

    Sports Challenges in Indiana Monkey Knife Fight

    Online Sportsbooks for DFS bets in Indiana are grouped into tournaments and cash games. Cash games have a higher winning percentage than tournaments, while the latter has a more significant pay-out offer than cash games. The following challenges are part of Daily Fantasy Sports betting in Indiana:

    National Football League

    The NFL is a 1920 American football organization and currently comprises thirty-two teams. MKF offers a point per reception scoring system in the NFL, which means that each catch by players in receiving positions will attract at least one point. Also, a fumble equals minus two, while an interception is minus one

    Major League Of Baseball

    This organization is the oldest professional sport in America, with fifteen national league teams, and fifteen American league teams. The site offers a five-point scoring for runs, walks, runs batted in, hit by pitch, and stolen base in baseball games.

    Women’s National Basketball Association

    This 1996 league is the NBA counterpart for women, and it consists of twelve teams. Betting here is more challenging than other basketball leagues because they rank behind; however, the system is the same as in other clubs. It includes; point spread, props, money line, total, and future bets.


    The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a 1948 American organization. NASCAR is a high-speed game and offers a wide variety of play options for gamers compared to other racing platforms. The favourite NASCAR bets among players are:

    • Win outright – you pick a driver to win first place, and you can bet on more than one driver.
    • Prop – you propose an occurrence, and you bet on it; this type of bet classifies as skilled or unskilled. Skilled prop bets are one that an expert will play after considering all the possible outcomes, while unskilled props are purely for entertainment purposes.
    • Future – a prediction for a future win and is best made at the start of each season when the odds are still high.
    • Fastest lap time – bet on the driver you think will record the shortest time until he has to stop. To win is irrespective of the outcome.
    • Pole position – bet on the driver you think will qualify first.
    • Podium finish – wager on the driver to finish in any of the three winning positions
    • Driver match-ups – you pick between two drivers for who will record the best score.


    This game is a type of football. To bet on DFS soccer, you are to follow the requirements and salary cap set by the site. The top soccer contests available in DFS are;

    • Heads to Heads – players compete for the best line-up
    • Double ups – create a line-up scoring more than half field points.
    • Guaranteed prize pools – they are tournament games with potentially huge wins and lots of players.
    • Multipliers – you have to score more than a particular field portion.
    • Leagues – similar to guaranteed prize pools, but on a smaller scale


    Here, the player with the highest score wins the game. It is mainly played on Thursdays to Sundays and Friday is seen as the most crucial day.

    League of Legends

    This sport is a ten-player match, 5 per team; intending to destroy the nexus of opposite teams; the number of kills, deaths and assists are what determines the winning team. A kill attracts 3 points, an assist draws 2 points, one death equals -1, and a total of ten kills or assists would attract an extra 2 points.

    Online Betting

    Contest Options in Monkey Knife Fight

    Here are some of the contest examples you likely find in Monkey Knife Fight:

    • Over/Under – You will get to choose between two or more athletes and predict whether they will go above or under the fixed statistics. If you predict right with two players, you may double your investment. Direct fantasy sports have various forms of this game.
    • Rapid Fire – This game gives you a variety of player combinations to pick from and to predict the players who will get the highest rushing yards, passing yards, receiving yards, and receptions. To predict correctly means you’ve won, and you may win double your bet.
    • Reception Collection – Here, you get to bet on players from different contests to win a certain number of receptions. The higher the receptions, the more your potential wins.
    • Hail Mary – The players are selected for you to bet on, all you have to do is place your bet on a certain amount of passing yard goals that must be won.
    • Rush Hour – Similar to Hail Mary, the players are already selected for you, you now have to predict the number of rushing points that must be obtained.
    • Fantasy Challenge – This game allows you to choose three players and bet on them to score more than a certain number of fantasy points. There are three stages of winning in this contest.

    How to Play Monkey Knife Fight on Mobile

    mobileThere is no Monkey Knife Fight app, but the site is designed to work smoothly on most browser applications. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to navigate, and you are responsive to all your gaming transactions such as; registration, playing in contests, making deposits and withdrawals. MKF does not have an ios app software or an IN Monkey Knife Android app, but it works smoothly on mobile operators like Android, IOS, PCs, and tablets; the tablet default version is the same as desktop computers.

    Banking and Withdrawal Methods

    IN Monkey Knife Fight online review has shown that the site offers deposits through credit and debit cards with a minimum deposit amount of $10. Maximum deposit is $1,000 per day, $5,000 per week and $10,000 per month. Withdrawal is open for two options; regular cheque via physical mail or an e-cheque via email. Regular cheques take between three to five working days to deliver, while online cheques take one to three days. The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

    Customers’ winnings are safe because of the sites’ partnership with the most reputable gambling bank in America. Besides, the site may request a social security number and email address for gamers with high winnings. Regardless of MKF deposit and withdrawal limits, customers can apply to change the restrictions to suit their specific needs.

    Customer Service in Monkey Knife Fight

    Monkey Knife Fight takes their clients on-site welfare as a top priority, and they regard it as such. The site provides varying customer care platforms for customers to reach them, including; Instagram, email, Twitter, Facebook and live chat.

    Recent News in Monkey Knife Fight

    online bettingThe site made new declarations of possible business deals with different sports leagues like the MLS Galaxy, Miami Dolphins, NHL Kings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angeles Chargers. These partnerships are geared towards fulfilling the company’s corporate social responsibility of giving back to society. They plan to aid local communities.

    Monkey Knife Fight DFS betting in Indiana is currently witnessing a world-class recognition with its recent nomination for the significant industry award of 2020 for the EGR Operator awards.


    Indiana Monkey Knife Fight review shows it as a reputable DFS site, known for their exciting games and top-notch offers to online gamers. The site is run by brilliant experts who have years of Daily Fantasy Sports experience and is one of the top DFS betting sites in IN because of its unique addition to the traditional direct fantasy games. It is one of the few real-money betting sites and promises to give online DFS gamers a full and high-quality experience.

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    Is Monkey Knife Fight Legal in Indiana?
    Yes, it is. It is legal to play Monkey Knife Fight in almost all the states in America.
    What Is The Minimum Age Required to Play on a Monkey Knife Fight Site in Indiana?
    Eighteen years old. This age is the general age requirement for most gambling platforms.
    Is there an IOS app on Monkey Knife Fight?
    No, there isn’t. MKF does not have an ios app, which is why the online site optimizes to fit all smartphone screens.
    Can I play for free on Monkey Knife Fight in Indiana?
    Yes, you can. The site offers a free deposit bonus for first-time customers which can be used to play games.
    How can I withdraw my winnings from Monkey Knife Fight in Indiana?
    If you want to claim your earnings, all you have to do is log into your Monkey Knife Fight account and tap on the withdraw button. Also, you will be requested to choose the withdrawal method that you prefer; MKF generally provides payment by cheque.

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