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Published: Nov 7, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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Unibet sportsbook was established in 1997 to provide sports betting services to gamblers. It began as a top-notch US betting company with multiple language options and a vast selection of games. The Unibet website firstly launched in 1999, then live betting was introduced in 2003, and finally, an upgraded mobile site was up and functioning by 2004. Currently, Unibet Sportsbook sports betting provides services to millions of people across a hundred countries. Unibet Indiana is licensed under Horseshoe Hammond Casino and regulated by the Indiana gaming commission.

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    The sportsbook operator offers it services through the website and downloadable application software. Only one account is permitted per player, and they are expected to follow all the terms and conditions. Sign-up details are protected and secured while registering with a thorough authentication process. The site offers real money betting services that may be withdrawn quickly and conveniently through the multiple banking mediums. There’s a broad selection of games and expert customer care agents that are readily available to serve.


    Unibet Sportsbook Promotions and Bonuses

    Unibet sportsbook offers a series of thrilling bonuses like the NFL offers, welcome bonus offers, and special deals. First-time clients are qualified to claim the no-deposit and deposit bonuses of $30 free bets, and $600 risk-free first bet. The new player welcome bonus may be claimed with one of the Indiana promo codes Unibet Sportsbook: NEWPLAYEROFFER. No deposit is required to qualify for the $30 free bets – $10 may be used on any market, another $10 on live games, and the last $10 on parlays. There is a $10 minimum deposit required to wager on any game, if you record any loss, you will be refunded what was lost up to $600. The risk-free first bet is credited into your gaming account within seventy-two hours. Players should keep up with the IN Unibet promo code.

    There is a ‘beat the spread’ NFL bonus to win $1 on every point your team wins for covering the spread. You have to place a $5o minimum wager on either of the teams to qualify for the bonus. Another NFL Indiana Unibet Sportsbook bonus is the ‘pigskin parlay super boost’. Here, gamers are required to bet on eight leg games with odds that are higher than -500. You can win a weekly cash offer of 50% with a maximum wager of $50. There is also a $25 referral bonus for existing players to invite new ones. Gamblers stand a chance to win $25 on each referred player that registers with their refer-a-friend codes.

    Live bet winning boosts are offered weekly with a 10% boost on NBA finals, 20% on French open matches, and 15% on MLB playoffs. Weekly live bets on at least five games will earn players a $10 bonus. The site offers a $10,000 betting championship on French open for one player to win up to $5,000. There is also a Thursdays bonus offer on each deposit reload of 25% up to $100.

    Rewards For Loyalty and Special Deals

    The Unibet loyalty club is a reward for sports bets. It serves as a medium to reward players for their consistent patronage by having access to exciting bonuses and free cash offers as they progress in club rankings. Cash games offer up to 3,250 points for every $2 to $4 wager while multi-table tournaments give $10 for every $1. Sit and go contests give 5 to 7 points for each $1. These points may be redeemed for cash and playthrough bonuses. There is the Unibet poker challenge for cash games. Here, there are minor and major challenges for players to complete for corresponding loyalty points. When you complete one major challenge before the end of a quarter, you will be rewarded with partial credits, and when you complete one minor challenge, you will be given a new one. Both challenges offer varying rewards. Tournaments and Banzai don’t offer loyalty challenges, but they award 100 loyalty points for every $1.

    Unibet sportsbook Indiana offers bingo loyalty points on every purchased ticket; there are five bingo loyalty levels from one to five stars. There is 10 points per $1 reward for the one-star level, 11 points per $1 for two-star, 12 points per $1 for three-star, 13 points per $1 for four-star, and 15 points per $1 for the five-star level. An accumulation of 500 bonus points or more may be redeemed and spent on bingo or side games.

    Available Sports in Unibet IN

    Unibet sportsbook offers betting services on the following sports:

    National Football League

    The NFL is the American football league that comprises thirty-two teams; sixteen of them playing for the American footballsport betting conference, and sixteen for the national football conference. Unibet also offers betting services for NFL Europe games and college football lines.

    Major League Baseball

    This organization is the first professional league in America with thirty teams; fifteen of them, playing for the national league, and fifteen for the American League. The site offers services for major and minor events like KBO, national league tournaments, and regular games.

    National Basketball Association

    The NBA is the first major men’s professional basketball league worldwide and consists of thirty teams. It is a major league available to the USA and Canada. Unibet provides betting services on FIBA world cup, Euro leagues and regular games.

    National Hockey League

    This organization is the first professional ice hockey league worldwide and comprises seven teams in Canada and twenty-four in the US.

    Ultimate Fighting Championship

    UFC comprises mixed martial art games that are available in the US. The site provides UFC and MMA betting services which include exciting combat sports including; boxing, wrestling, karate, thai, taekwondo, judo, jujitsu, sambo, and kickboxing.


    Football is also called soccer and is hosted across various countries worldwide. There are betting services on Indiana Unibet Sportsbook football contests like the premier league, champions league, world cups, international friendly matches, club-friendly matches, UEFA, and EURO. The site also offers virtual FIFA games.

    Horse Racing

    Unibet sportsbook provides wagering services on horse races across the world, from the UK to Africa to America. Horse racing was formerly typical in the UK but has witnessed international popularity over the years. Some of the most significant horse racing events are hosted in Australia and the US.

    Motor Sports

    Motorsports are a compilation of worldwide competitions that involve the use of motorized four-wheel or two-wheel automobiles. The games may include racing or not.

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    Betting Types in Unibet Sportsbook

    Money Line

    The money line is a type of Unibet Sportsbook odds in Indiana that is for straight wins. The money line number will have a negative sign (-) to show you the amount you are required to wager to win $100 while a positive sign (+) in front of the odd tells you the profit amount if you wager $100.

    Point Spread

    A point spread is to bet on a team to cover the spread by winning more than a certain amount of points. It could be for the winning team to win by two points or more, and anything below that will amount to a loss.

    Halftime Lines

    Halftime lines are to bet on a particular score or win by the middle of the game, and before the second half. For example, you can bet on the first half of a soccer match for your team to score two goals.

    Future Betting

    Future betting is most placed on challenging and major events like championships or tournaments. Here, gamblers bet on the games long before they begin.


    Parlay bet is a multiple game bet that has a high-risk but huge winnings. And if all your predictions come to pass, you will be earning more than you would if it were separate bets. However, if a single game loses, you lose it all.


    Teaser bets operate mainly in basketball and football. Here, gamers can keep making changes on their stakes in exchange for reduced winnings.


    The over/under bet is otherwise called Totals where players wager on the total number of points and not wins. You may bet for them to score above or below the over/under mark.

    Prop or Novelty Bets

    Prop bet is when you predict an occurrence that doesn’t necessarily influence the result of a game. It could be on anything from who scores a goal, to who makes the final touchdown, or for one player to make a specific number of assists.

    How to Play Unibet On Mobile

    mobileUnibet Sportsbook review depicts a high-functioning website that Indiana residents can access and make use of their sports betting services. The company also has an Indiana Unibet Sportsbook app software available to IOS and Android operating systems. The ios device is available for download on the apple store while the Unibet Android app is available on the website. The app software is optimized to run smoothly on devices with minimal hindrances. The betting app is suitable for on-the-go gaming activities like live-streaming, account funding, withdrawals, and wagering. It is an easy and convenient medium to manage your gaming account effectively.

    The sportsbook offers gaming at your fingertips with this medium, all within the comfort of your home. All the mobile platforms at Unibet Indiana sportsbook are accessible to all smartphones, pcs, and tablets. They have an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to navigate.

    Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

    Players are provided with multiple banking methods to suit various needs. The banking options are Paypal, cash deposit, ACH, paynearme, Visa, Unibet prepaid play+ card, bank transfer, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, credit and debit cards. Unibet does not charge banking fees; however, the different withdrawal and deposit methods may have varying transaction charges. Most deposit mediums take a few minutes to credit your account except for bank transfers which may take up to three days. Withdrawals through skrill or neteller may take up to twelve hours, bank transfers may take up to three days, and credit or debit cards may take up to five days.

    Your withdrawal limit depends on each banking platform while deposits can be fixed to a daily, weekly or monthly limit. Increasing your limit takes effect in seven days from the time you make the change while a decrease in limit is immediately approved. Unibet Indiana sportsbook has several customer service mediums to reach out to expert agents in case of any banking problems. There is the live chat option, phone number, and email which are in operation for twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

    Recent Updates in Indiana

    Unibet Indiana was given a temporary license in May and finally launched in July in a partnership deal with Hammond Horseshoe casino. The site together with other Indiana sports betting casinos recorded a total handle above $169,000,000.00 in July. US Sportsbook has a promotional offer for residents in Indiana of $100 bonus for 3-pointer in the NBA finals. Unibet sportsbook has recently announced their plans to enter the Illinois sports betting market before the end of the year.


    IN Unibet Sportsbook review has shown that the site offers a myriad of betting opportunities to gamers. There is a wide range of sports betting options to give players full gaming experience. Bettors should take hold of the sports betting oppor

    tunities that the Unibet has to offer and visit Unibet directly in Indiana to sign-up for mobile betting accounts. This step will open them up to a high-quality wagering service.

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    Is Unibet online sportsbook legal in Indiana?
    Yes, it is. Unibet sportsbook was launched in Indiana on the 30th of July 2020, with a license to offer sports betting services.
    Who can play at Unibet in Indiana?
    Anyone that is up to 21 years of age and is resident in the state can play at Unibet Indiana. The site has an age limit and geographical restriction.
    Does Unibet charge fees in Indiana?
    Unibet does not charge banking fees in Indiana. However, the different banking platforms may have their transaction fees.
    Are Unibet winnings taxed in Indiana?
    No, they aren’t. Players are responsible for their government and other taxes on their winnings at Unibet sportsbook Indiana.
    How long does it take to withdraw from Unibet sportsbook in Indiana?
    The various banking platforms at Indiana have different periods for how long it takes to withdraw. Withdrawals through skrill or neteller may take up to twelve hours, bank transfers may take up to three days, and credit or debit cards may take up to five days.

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