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Xpressbet Racebook Review & Bonus Code

Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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Launched in 2002, the online gambling website, Xpressbet betting in Indiana is available for horse race wagers. In this Indiana Xpressbet Review, you will get to know every detail about the IN racebook odds, promo code, betting, and many more. After reading this guide and collecting more knowledge on live betting on horse racing, you can ace the game perfectly. With Xpressbet, you can bet on any horse race at international tracks and in the state of Indiana.

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    In this review, we would like to inform our bettors that IN Xpressbet app offers unique dynamic betting. Presently, this gaming software bets on races over 300 tracks worldwide. Licensed in Oregon, the best online betting sites provide a customizable interface. Owned by the Stronach Group and it is known to be the largest brand in the US racebook. Most interestingly, with betting, you can live stream through the Xpressbet Android app.

    Online Betting

    Various Types of  Promotions and Xpressbet Bonus Code

    Xpressbet has several kinds of bonuses that it offers to clients from time to time. One of the reasons behind its popularity is the exclusive offers that it provides. You can also receive discounts on certain tickets, racetracks, etc. Some of the common promotions and bonuses offered by Xpressbet are:

    Welcome Bonus

    While signing up, visit Xpressbet Directly in Indiana and avail of the exclusive offer that it provides. When a new bettor creates an account for the first time, Xpressbet provides a free $10 instantly, followed by credits after betting. For every $100 bet, you get $10 credit up to $500. The Xpressbet promo code that you need to use here is SPORTOFKINGS. This bonus is available for the first 30 days after registering. The welcome bonus offers are a fair deal, and if you are using Xpressfund to make the deposit, you can win an additional amount of $25.


    Most importantly, the promotions available on the best betting online website revolve around the reward programs. With the outstanding promos, you can run specific tracks, and in return, you get to earn multipliers on the loyalty points. For example, at present, you can get six times the wagering point at Gulfstream Park.

    Referring to a Friend

    In an online casino, when your friend refers to your name while signing up, Xpressbet gives you a credit of $50. A cash-back insurance promo code Xpressbet is also available for a specific race. For win bets, if the horse completes at either third or second, you get a refund of $20. The prominent wagering website is known for offering various ways for splitting 1 million Xpressbet rewards points. Also, there is no limitation in the number of times you want to claim the reward, so it’s a great advantage. By referring your friends, you can keep winning bonuses.


    In this review, we want players to know that with the best welcome bonus, Xpressbet also has a rewards program. Here you can earn points, win free prizes, and credits that you can redeem anytime. The rewards for race bets allow you to wager on horse races and collect points. For betting $1, a player gets two reward points. The points keep on increasing as the number of times you wager grows. High-limit wagers can win more generous prizes with the new player welcome bonus. Thus, to start earning points, you need to sign up for mobile betting accounts and start placing bets.

    Free to Join

    From superb bonus code, Xpressbet promo code, it also offers various online tournaments where bettors can wager for free. Some wagers require you to make a buy-in with rewards points or cash. Surprisingly, all of the wagers have a sizable cash-prize pool for the winners.

    Other Promotions

    Additionally, many more promotions are offered to established and new customers. The betting offers keep on changing, and the usual ones that you can expect are Xpressbet handicapping contests, money-back guarantees, risk-free first bet, occasional trip giveaway, etc.

    The Three Wagering Pads

    Xpressbet provides three multiple wagering pads using which you can place bets. Every pad is used to place the bet, and each wagering is designed uniquely, catering to its requirements. By visiting the “my setting” section, you can shift from one wagering pad to the other. Three different types of wagering pads are:

    1. Wagering Classic – For casual and new players, this is an eminent option, and you can simply place the bets. In this form, you can also see that the live racing video is going in the multiview mode.
    2. Wagerpage – It is a comprehensive pop-up wager pad alternative and comes with a step-by-step process. It includes an odds board, a full tracklist, the day’s wagering history, results, etc.
    3. Wagerpad Pro – More convenient in building tickets, and Wager Pad Pro does not need to constantly switch between race legs and finish position. For creating exotic wagers, wager pad pro is the best.

    All three wagering pads are important, but you will not come across this option if you are playing through your smartphone. To try out all these styles, you can opt for a web browser.

    Xpressbet Horse Racing Wagering Tips

    Different types of odds for each race are available, and they are easy to win if you know about them. Go through every betting option to win more and more. The wagers that you will find on Xpressbet, the best racing website are:


    Horse RacingThe show wager is for a horse to finish either in one of the top three positions. It is the most conservative bet in horse racing, and to have an idea about the probability of winning you need to track the details of the horse. It is the safest and easiest chance at cashing a wager. The payoff likely ranges between $2.10 to $4.


    A place is a wager when the horse needs to either finish second or first. It’s the easiest, comparatively better, and safer than the show. In this case, the payoff lies between $3 to $10.


    The win bet comes under the less difficult section, and you are betting on the horse that’s going to win the race. It is the most traditional wager and can win $4 to $50+. Suppose you place a bet of $2 on a horse listed at 5-1 to win, and if the horse wins the race, you will get $10. For winning this wager, the horse needs to come first, and if it completes on either second or third, you lose.


    It is not that tough, and payoffs range from $5 to $75. This wager is more conservative, and in any order, the horses need to complete first and second. It also provides a smaller return than exacta, and all tracks do not offer quinellas.


    Similar to quinellas, but here the horses need to finish first and second, according to the order of wager. Suppose you have five to win and two to show you need to win the bet respectively. Otherwise, key or box the horses and start betting on them to complete in any order. But for that, you must ensure that you double your bet. If you opt for the exacta, it indicates you are taking risks, specifying higher betting limits.


    It is the toughest bet where you need to pick up horses that finish first, third, or second. It’s challenging, but if you win, you get huge payouts or Xpressbet gift cards, especially with a long shot. A smaller amount can be better with superfecta and trifecta, allowing you to add more horses.


    Alike, to trifecta, but you must also know which horse is going to finish in the fourth position. It is a thriller wager and the toughest one, and to win, you must have a bunch of information regarding horses. The odds are against you, so you need to be a bit extra careful. In recent times, the 10-cent bet has become extremely popular. With lower costs, players can include more horses without breaking their bank.


    The betting apps have a unique option where a bettor in a parlay card can add two to six races.

    Pick 3

    It is a tough wager, where you need to pick winners of succeeding races. To win a pick 3, pick up three straight winners to cash. For each race, you can also add multiple horses to the ticket. Experienced bettors go with this wager as the payout is high.

    Daily Double

    Here a bettor needs to collectively select two horses of succeeding races, and to win, they need to get both right. Usually, it happens in the last two and the first two races of the entire day. Comparatively, the daily double bet is the easiest and often used by every bettor.

    Pick 5, 4, and 6

    Similar to 3, but now you need to choose the winner in five, four, or six. The payout increases with the number, and some tracks might also have an ongoing slot. Pick 4 is a challenging wager and is famous among experienced players. With the increase in the number of horses, the cost of the ticket also increases. Pick 5 is the most difficult and pick 6 is lotto-like. If no player holds a perfect ticket, the majority of the same day’s pool is carried over.

    Pari Mutuel Wagering

    Like any other online betting website, Xpressbet also does not take an interest in knowing who loses or wins. Depending on the track, the purse money, and the state, a small percentage of money is deducted. This percentage is takeout, and once the race starts, based on the number of tickets, the payout is decided.

    Betting on horse racing may not seem difficult to you if you are aware of the odds. Also, if you have enough information about the horse past performance, it would be easier for you to place the bets. Once you have understood all the bets clearly, start placing them on Xpressbet.

    Horse Race Betting

    Xpressbet Mobile App

    In the betting bookmaker reviews, we would like to inform our players that Xpressbet mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users. Additionally, the mobile racebook operator offers all the features similar to the web. Some of the features are Xpressbet true odds, live racing streams, first real money bet, in-game live betting, past results, access to various tracks, video replays, etc. The games betting website looks real, and placing of the bets can be done from a single screen. The application is designed with high-quality graphics and easy to navigate across the betting options.

    With live-teller, touch-tone services, or automated voice, you can place the bets. Downloading the application and creating an account is easy. Provide all the essential details like name, email, address, date of birth, Xpressbet horse racing phone number, social security number, and you are ready to start.

    Banking And Withdrawal

    Most crucially, Xpressbet uses its money managing services, allowing a secure, safe, and faster way of withdrawing and depositing the race betting revenue. The variety of options available in Xpressbet is Bank transfer, Green Dot at the register, ACH, debit card, Green Dot at Money Park, Credit, PayPal, PayNearMe. Many other methods are also there, and not all the methods are free.

    A bettor must go through the terms and conditions before deciding which method to opt for. Wire transfers are possible when the transaction is more than $250. Withdrawal of money does not include any fee, and if you have already made a transaction, you can connect your bank account to the Xpressbet account.

    Customer Service

    Xpressbet, one of the legal race betting sites, has attained the highest marks in the customer service section. The Xpressbet customer service is available over the phone and emails. At times, they treat the customers during a tough time is great, and you will not experience such services anywhere else. They have a fast team that will solve all your queries at the earliest.

    Additionally, you can also go through the FAQ section to know about the reward program, hardware requirements, signups, banking, etc. Contact Xpressbet between 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST over the phone, or you can send an email.

    Latest News

    The Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown, the Preakness will get over on 03.10.2020 after getting delayed since 16th May due to Covid-19. This time, no fans are there, and without them, the Maryland Jockey Club’s signature event will run from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

    Final Thoughts

    Xpressbet racebook is a stellar Indiana website, and it covers every aspect. All the races from across the world are covered, and theBet web and mobile interface is creatively designed. They have also accomplished the Xpressbet state restrictions, and offer impressive bonuses, promotions while betting on the races. If you are looking for the newest scoop of promotions, deals, races, odds, you should visit the website. Around 39 states in the United States have Xpressbet, the top website to place bets on horse races.

    Overall, it’s a super racebook and worthy of giving it a try at least once. After that, you will end up placing horse racing bets through Xpressbet. You should definitely try your luck in horse racing through Xpressbet.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Xpressbet online racebook legal in Indiana?
    Yes, Xpressbet online racebook is legal in Indiana.
    How old should I be to bet on horse races in Indiana?
    To bet on horse races in Indiana Xpressbet, you need to be at least 18 years old.
    Is there an Android app on Xpressbet?
    Yes, there is an Android app for Xpressbet.
    What is superfecta?
    Superfecta is the toughest wager where you need to select four horses that will finish first, second, third, and fourth. Mostly this wager is played by experienced bettors as they have vast information about the horses.
    How can I check the odds on Xpressbet?
    To check odds on Xpressbet, you can also log in to your account, and the details are available there.

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