Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Market in Indiana

Published: Sep 28, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021

If you love watching sports and consider yourself an expert, how about proving that to the world in DFS contests? The Indiana daily fantasy sports market is rich since this is one of the first states to legalize DFS. Here is what you should know about these competitions and how to start playing on indiana daily fantasy sports sites today!

Daily Fantasy Sports

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    Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Betting Legislation

    It was in 2016 when Indiana officially legalized daily fantasy sports. According to Senate Bill 339, signed by Governor Mike Pence, Indiana Gaming Commission is in charge of regulating DFS.

    What is Indiana DFS?

    gamesDaily fantasy sports or DFS are a subcategory of fantasy games focused on sports. Unlike the standard season-long fantasy sports contests, these are played at an accelerated pace. They could last a single day or round of a particular tournament.

    Other rules are similar – users assemble a team of players from the specified tournament or league. They usually have limited funds to pick players, and their success is measured by the athletes’ performances in actual competitions. Most DFS games in Indiana involve prizes for those who rank the highest in the particular game.

    Which Indiana Daily Fantasy Sites Have Been Granted Licenses

    Our review of the best daily fantasy sports sites in Indiana led us to five DFS operators offering their services legally in this state.


    DraftKings has become the first licensed website following the DFS legalization in Indiana. Whether you are up for a head to head game or 50/50 competitions, this provider will meet your expectations.

    A wide variety of sports combined with a comprehensive selection of game formats makes DraftKings a tempting Indiana DFS provider. New players can expect attractive welcome bonuses after registering.


    DFS Betting AppsWhen it comes to the best daily fantasy sports sites in Indiana, FanDuel is another viable candidate. If you enjoy playing against other people, this platform offers a huge choice of contests. FanDuel mentions that its users earn over $1 billion in rewards annually.

    You can play through the entire NFL season, or try your luck in basketball, soccer, hockey, and other sports.

    Other Sites

    Any provider on the list approved by the IGC can be placed among the safest fantasy sports sites. Here are the remaining three operators licensed in Indiana:

    • Yahoo Fantasy Sports – thousands of players enjoy Yahoo daily fantasy in this state and beyond.
    • SportsHub Games Network – it is another provider offering a generous list of games.
    • FantasyDraft – you can play competitions organized by this operator in Indiana.

    We might see other operators in the Indiana daily fantasy sports market soon, including providers like Draftboard and Boom Fantasy.

    Types of Indiana Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

    The best daily fantasy sports websites need to offer games you like to play. Newbies could use a guide explaining various game types to them. Here is an overview of available DFS games in Indiana.

    Guaranteed Prize Pools

    The unique thing about GPP tournaments is that they have guaranteed prize funds before even starting. It doesn’t matter if fewer users sign up, the pool will never go below the specified minimum. If additional users register, even bigger rewards could be at stake.

    Results are determined based on player statistics, and payout structure can vary. Most guaranteed prize pool tournaments give the biggest rewards to top-ranked competitors. Those familiar with poker will find the prize structure is similar to poker tournaments.

    Cash Games

    It is a subcategory that gathers all competition types offering a cash prize. Newbies should only consider entering these tournaments once skilled enough. It is crucial t be familiar with the interface, rules, salary cap, and other details. That ensures you can advance to playing for actual cash.

    Head to Head

    Head to head competitions is the simplest game variant offered by DFS providers. It gives players a chance to get to know how the rules work and get used to playing. A head to head match pits you against a single user in this classic “winner takes all” game. Some platforms in Indiana offer these matches for free, although you can play for real money, too.


    50/50 tournaments are large-scale H2H games. These could involve tens or hundreds of participants picking a team under the salary cap set by the site. Those competitors who end up in the upper half of the rankings split the prize pool evenly.

    Double Up is another name for this competition. However, a rake is given to the operator, and players won’t exactly double their investment. However, they can expect an 80-90% profit from 50/50 tournaments.


    Leagues are famous in traditional season-long fantasy games. Daily fantasy sports in Indiana also offers these competitions.

    The rules are simple – a league gathers a specified number of players. Participants who top the rankings once their competition finishes qualify for a prize. While the reward structure varies, it is specified before the league starts. You can play in public leagues, or organize a private one.


    Tiers are another twist to the standard salary cap-based contests. Players are tasked with choosing an athlete from various tiers. The daily fantasy sports platforms in Indiana rank eligible athletes into tiers before the competition begins.

    Beat the Score

    In Beat the Score, everything is boiled down to a single day or week. Participants have a score to beat over that period, and anyone passing that limit qualifies for a prize. The reward pool is usually equally divided among all winners, which means that the exact number of points doesn’t play a role in this game.

    Showdown Captain Mode

    Showdown captain mode offers a different method to compile points from a single player. Other rules are identical, but the athlete you place for a captain wins points at a higher rate.

    Single Game

    Indiana daily fantasy sports users can also participate in single-game competitions. These focus on players’ statistics in single matches. As expected, the biggest number of single-game variants is organized for the Super Bowl.

    Parlay, Prop and Prediction Fantasy Sports

    If you want a touch of legal US sports betting on DFS platforms in Indiana, this secures it. The idea is that players should compete in predicting the outcome of events. You can place a prop bet on a particular athlete and their in-game performance, or connect multiple wagers in a parlay.

    Fantasy Sports

    Parlay and Prediction Fantasy Sports

    These games are where DFS sites combine with sportsbooks. It is a huge variation from the standard model since participants are tasked with predicting the performance of specific players.

    Please note that not all daily fantasy sports operators in Indiana offer this option. Players looking to try parlay and prediction competitions should make sure their desired platform offers them before registering.

    Sports Offered in Daily Fantasy

    Here is a list of DFS sports in Indiana:

    • NFL football – enjoy assembling a team and hoping that your players have the best statistics from all players.
    • Major League Baseball – an excellent choice for all MLB fans.
    • NBA basketball – it is not about who will win the trophy, but which players will dominate the court.
    • NHL hockey – are you a fan of hockey? In that case, this is the market for you!
    • NASCAR – an extensive range of competitions for fans of this racing sport!
    • Soccer – English Premier League is the dominant competition, but other national leagues might also be available.
    • Golf –is also among sports available in DFS.

    You won’t find college sports because the Indiana Gaming Commission doesn’t allow listing them for DFS competitions.

    Top NFL Contests for DFS Players

    casinoAn NFL season only lasts for several months. However, players can enjoy an amazing contest range during that time. Only during a single Super Bowl weekend, users can participate in competitions with multi-million dollar guaranteed prize funds.

    Here are some competition examples on the best real money DFS sites in Indiana:

    • Millionaire Maker – the best participant from those who picked a team in this game at DraftKings, walks away with $1.2 million. From 400K participants, 83K will receive a reward from the $7 million prize pool.
    • Sunday Million – a variant of a huge tournament available at FanDuel. You play for a $6 million reward fund against 275K of other players.
    • Sunday NFL Rush – a tempting buy-in of $5 and a $2 million prize pot sound like a fine combination to try at FanDuel.
    • Weekly Play Action Contest – participants can win $100K top prize for only $3 buy-in at DraftKings.

    What Not to Do in DFS

    You found your favorite among the best daily fantasy sports apps in Indiana, and it is time to start assembling a squad. Before doing that, here are some crucial major tips on what not to do in DFS:

    • Don’t miss any news related to your competition – it is possible that a player injures and can’t perform in that round.
    • Don’t forget to check your team before the submission deadline – each player drafts the teams when they have enough free time. However, checking everything shortly before the competition’s deadline will ensure you don’t have injured athletes.
    • Don’t think like everyone else – your idea is to assemble a unique team that will top the ranking list. That requires a little bit of “unique thinking.”
    • Don’t stick to a single strategy – you might need various approaches for different competitions.

    Want to try other DFS sportsbooks for better experience? Check out these reviews:


    Is daily fantasy sports legal?
    Yes, daily fantasy sports have been legal in Indiana since 2016. At this moment, you can choose between five licensed providers in this state.
    How much money is in daily fantasy sports?
    The experts estimate that daily fantasy sports in the United States are worth around $7.2 billion annually.  As for Indiana, this state handled $3.2 billion of entry fees in 2017 and reported a revenue of $335 million.
    Can you play on more than one daily fantasy sports website?
    Yes, there is no reason why you wouldn't be registered at multiple daily fantasy sports websites in Indiana.
    Is DFS just a form of sports betting?
    No, DFS is different than sports betting. The law in Indiana defines daily fantasy sports as a game of skill.
    How do I deposit on a daily fantasy sports site?
    It is possible to use any method listed in the Cashier section to deposit funds. Credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid vouchers are common payment methods on these platforms.
    Do you have to pay taxes on DFS winnings?
    Yes, you need to pay taxes on DFS winnings in Indiana. You are subject to both state and federal taxes and are obliged to report any net profit of over $600 from playing these games.
    What is the most popular daily fantasy sport?
    Football tops this list, but its downside is it is not available year-round. That is why basketball and baseball might have more leagues and competitions played overall.
    What is the minimum age required to participate in DFS?
    If you want to participate in daily fantasy sports in Indiana, you will need to be at least 18 years old.
    Can you make money playing daily fantasy sports?
    If you invest real funds in playing DFS, these games can be an opportunity for profit. And if you stick to playing for free, you can also enjoy a fun social game with your friends.

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