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Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Featuring 68 college teams, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is one of the US’s most preferred sports. The championship is also known as March Madness. But whatever one may call it, the excitement is the same for everyone watching it. It is also a common culture in Indiana to predict the game’s outcome and see whether or not their guesses are correct. This helps in keeping their excitement high while increasing their involvement in the game. We suppose the situation is no different for you.

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    With the best US sportsbooks, you can bet on March Madness for winning real money. To make the task more convenient for you, we have created this guide to online March Madness betting in Indiana. This will show you how to bet correctly, so you will be able to win massive prizes.

    Let’s move to the details now!

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    Everything About March Madness

    Before getting into the betting world, you must know everything about the championship itself. As mentioned above, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament is a single-elimination tournament that consists of 68 college basketball teams. Usually, the event takes place in the month of March and April. It is divided into several levels, such as Qualifying and Regions.

    At the Qualifying level, a total of 68 teams are selected. Out of these, 32 divisions hold their own tournaments to receive the automatic qualification. Then comes in Regions. The entire championship gets divided into four Regions, each having sixteen teams. Plus, four additional teams are chosen by the Selection Committee. A team needs to go through several matches before they finally reach the winner’s trophy. March Madness sports fans take advantage of each match to win huge amounts of money.

    NCAA March Madness Tournament Venue

    As per the NCAA regulations, a home court is where over three regular-season games are hosted by a team. The rules also state that no team can play tournament games on their home court before the Final Four. On the other hand, The Final Four’s venue gets determined years prior to the game. Therefore, a team may get a chance to play on their home court in the Final Four. But the odds of this happening is minimal due to the game’s court size, which is larger than college basketball arenas.

    The most recent game was hosted at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and the next one is supposed to be held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. So you can easily watch the Final Four match live conveniently. In case you miss it in the year 2021, you will have to wait until 2026 when the next Final Four is supposed to happen in Indianapolis.

    Options for March Madness Betting in Indiana

    Now that you have understood all the details of March Madness, it is time to get into the betting world. You can place various kinds of wagers on a basketball game of the tournament. We have explained the top ones here, so you will know how the betting systems work in online sportsbooks, and you can choose the most suitable bet types.

    Point Spread Bets

    online bettingAccording to the participating teams, a Point Spread bet is divided into two parts: Favorite (-) and Underdog (+). If you bet on the Favorite team, they have to win with more than the specified points. So when you bet on the 5-point favorite, the team should win the match by at least 6 points. Contrastingly, an Underdog has to win outright or lose by the specified points to let you win the wager.

    In case the final margin is set upon the given point, you receive a push or a tie. This means all the tickets are refunded without anyone winning or losing their placed bets.

    MoneyLine Bets

    This is the most basic wagering option in basketball. The Favorites and Underdogs also work here. Every $100 bet made on the Underdogs makes you win the amount mentioned on the MoneyLine. On the flip side, you have to wager with the given Favorites amount if you want to win $100. Let’s understand this with an example of Duke vs. Kansas. Suppose the MoneyLine mentions:

    • Duke -550 (Favorite)
    • Kansas +400 (Underdog)

    You need to place a bet on Duke’s winning of worth $550 to win an additional amount of $100. If you place just a $100 bet on Kansas’s winning, their win can reward you $400. However, you should remember that the more the prize money, the more the bet’s risk.

    Parlay or Teaser

    If you want to get more significant rewards, you can combine two or more bets under a Parlay wager. The primary advantage here is that you can pick any bets of your choice. But there is also an underlying drawback, i.e., each of the bets must turn true for you to win. Even if one of the wagers gets false, you lose the entire bet. A push in the bet can also make you win.

    Totals Bets

    These wagers can be extremely beneficial when you don’t want to take a side in the match. A Totals is made on the combined score of the opponents at the game’s end. You can place an Over wager if you think the final score will lie above the given number or place Under bet if you predict the score to remain below that number.

    Props Bets

    Unlike other types, a Props bet is made on the game’s small events instead of its outcome. In these, your sportsbook provides you with a list of occurrences. You then need to predict whether or not they will happen. If your forecast goes right, you win the bet. Otherwise, you lose the money.

    Futures Bets

    Some sportsbooks offer the opportunity to bet on the tournament outcome in advance. The odds are fixed at the time of placing the wager. So you can lock money for several months to finally see which team wins.

    In March Madness, there is also a Bracket Pool. For this, you need to create a team of your own and predict the March Madness brackets. A participant who shows the best forecasting skills wins the whole pool. The most interesting factor here is that these pools don’t have strict restrictions on entry amounts. Thus, the bets can be made conveniently.

    Selecting The March Madness IN Betting Sites

    basketballAnother difficult task here is to select the online sportsbooks. As there are various options available, you can easily get confused. Therefore, you need to check multiple factors in each of them to pick the most suitable one. Here we have brought a few best sports betting sites in Indiana from which you can select.

    DraftKings Sportsbook

    DraftKings is one of the best places for March Madness betting games because of its massive welcome package. As soon as you sign-up on the platform, you automatically get $25 in your wagering account. After this, you receive up to $500 under its 20% first deposit bonus. Another exciting prize in the package is a risk-free bet of up to $500. Thus, you receive a total of $1025 benefits. Along with that, you get the trust and support of the sportsbook.

    PointsBet Sportsbook

    On PointsBet, you can get a free bet of up to $250 by using the promo code BONUSNOW. The exact amount of bonus depends on your deposit amount. The more you invest, the better benefit you receive. You can also get reward points with the sportsbook’s loyalty program. These can be redeemed for free bets or other bonuses. For more information on promotional offers, you can visit the “Promos” page on the site.

    MGM Sportsbook

    With up to $500 of 100% first deposit bonus, you can also get free $10 every week on MGM Sportsbook. All you have to do for this benefit is play regularly on the platform and use code PLAYBONUS. Plus, MGM Resorts International has been operating in the US’s gambling market for over thirty years. So, there the trust factor is associated with the name.

    SugarHouse Sportsbook

    Operating only in New Jersey, Indiana, and Pennsylvania, SugarHouse is an excellent online sports betting platform. You can avail of a 100% deposit bonus here for up to $250. The impressive factor about the sportsbook is that it is suitable for both new and experienced bettors. Hence, you won’t have any issues operating it.

    William Hill Sportsbook

    With a 100% deposit bonus of up to $150 and a free $10 on registration, William Hill becomes one of the largest retail sportsbooks. Along with the site, you also get a mobile app platform to place bets on the go. Various other promos and contests can be found on the site’s relevant page. You can begin your betting journey here with wagers of value as small as $2. Other features like in-play betting and faster payouts make the site even better.

    FanDuel Sportsbook

    Unlike other sportsbooks, FanDuel doesn’t divide its welcome package into multiple bonuses. You simply get a risk-free bet for up to $1000. This is better than most of the betting platforms because you can win more significant amounts while keeping your large betting amount safe. FanDuel offers a website and a mobile app for wagering.

    Caesars Sportsbook

    By signing up on Caesars, you get a 100% match bonus worth up to $300. The amount can be used within seven days of availing for whatever type of bet you want. But don’t forget to put in the promo code CAESARSGAMBLER to get the benefit. In case of any confusion, you can visit the detailed FAQ page of the site. It presents over a hundred articles in front of you to solve all queries.

    While registering on most of these sportsbooks, you will have to provide your social security number. Don’t worry because this is used for verification purposes, and it is kept safe with the best possible security measures. 

    Reviewing The Most Successful Teams In March Madness 2020different online sportsbook options

    You can watch various matches and do your analysis to find out the best teams by yourself. However, this method will consume plenty of time. To make it simpler, we have collected the information on the most successful teams. So you can learn more about them.

    Though Kentucky, Connecticut, Duke, and North Carolina are the most prominent names of the tournament, you need to go through historical stats to know other teams’ performance.


    UCLA holds eleven titles of the tournament. However, they haven’t won any of the championships since 1995. But recently, the team announced hiring Mick Cronin as their head coach. So we may see them hitting back the Final Four soon.


    Right below the UCLA team is Kentucky that holds eight titles in total. The team’s consistent wins were between 1948 and 1958. However, they have won several other March Madness finals as well. They stand as a strong contender in every tournament.

    North Carolina

    Just like Kentucky, North Carolina has won six titles since their first win in 1957. The team earned its most recent title in 2017. They, too, are a trusted team to place your money on.

    Duke and Indiana

    Next on the list are Duke and Indiana, with five titles each. Where Indiana hasn’t won any title since 1987, Duke has been a winner from 1991 till 2015. Therefore, Duke is a stronger contender here.

    Other Teams

    Kansas, Villanova, Cincinnati, Florida, Louisville, Michigan State, NC State, Oklahoma State, and San Francisco are some other names with more than one win in their account.

    From these stats, it can be seen that Kentucky and North Carolina are on the current top positions in terms of recent titles. 

    How To Favorably Bet On March Madness In Indiana

    basket ballBetting isn’t a job for naive people. You need to know the game, its trends, the teams, and the players well to place wagers that will turn favorable. But with the information mentioned above, you can quickly raise your knowledge about March Madness. Along with that, you can follow these simple tips to make the most out of your bets.

    Look For Mid-Majors

    You need to go through the mid-majors and look for the high scoring teams. These players’ performance is expected to be excellent in front of a large audience during the tournament. So they can offer opportunities to win significant amounts.

    Bet On Selected Games

    The entire tournament consists of 67 games, and you need not bet on each of them. The rule here is to pick the games that hold some value. By wagering on these matches, you will increase the chances of winning and keeping your money safe.

    Find The Unattended Teams

    Some teams aren’t valued much because they haven’t been in the spotlight. The players of these squads play well, and you can take a chance on them. Therefore, you should spot these teams to increase your winning chances.

    Keep Your Bankroll Safe

    It is crucial to keep a specific percentage of your bankroll for betting. By setting it as your wagering limit, you won’t end up losing everything.

    Where Can You Watch March Madness Live in Indiana

    You have two options for watching the March Madness matches live in Indiana:

    • TV: Some telecasters show the live streaming of matches. You can find these sports streamers and watch the games live.
    • Sportsbooks: Even sportsbooks offer live streaming of games. You can watch the match and place bets in the same place on these platforms.

    March Madness 2021 Latest News

    Like all other NCAA championships, the March Madness 2021 got canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. So now you will have to wait until March 14, 2021, for the next Selection Sunday and the series. College basketball betting in IN will return then only. You can check out the schedule for March Madness 2021 online. Till then, you can practice your betting skills to make the most from your wagers.


    All and all, March Madness is an excellent sport to bet on. It provides you with ample opportunities for winning significant rewards. But before beginning, you need to check IN betting sites reviews to ensure that you pick only a reliable sportsbook. You can also follow the tips to make your own wagering strategy. So lookup for the details and get ready by the time the tournament returns in 2021.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About March Madness Betting In Indiana

    Is It Legal To Wager On March Madness Online In Indiana?
    Sports wagering is the only kind of online gambling that is legal in Indiana. So yes, you can bet on March Madness online legally in the state.
    When Does March Madness Start?
    March Madness begins in March. You can look up for the schedule of Selection Sunday, which marks the beginning of the tournament.
    What Was The Most Significant Upset In The History Of March Madness?
    There are various upsets in the history of March Madness. However, none of them beats the time when Villanova took down Georgetown in 1985. No one expected that.
    What Was The Lowest Seed That Won The March Madness Tournament?
    The lowest seed that marked a tournament win in their account is Villanova in the year 1985. They were a No. 8 seed.
    Who Won The Last March Madness Tournament?
    In 2019's March Madness, Virginia's squad took the title. As 2020's games are canceled, we need to wait until 2021 to see who wins next.
    Who Is The Best March Madness Team In 2020?
    Kansas, Baylor, and Gonzaga are considered to be the best title contenders for 2020. These teams were determined based on their wins and history.
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