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Published: Nov 6, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Oscars, Academy Award of Merit, also known as the Academy Award, is an occasion where awards are presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It started in 1929, and the academy is situated in Beverly Hills, California, U.S. The awards are presented for recognizing achievements in the film industry. Winners receive a gold-plated statuette, popularly known as Oscars.

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    European betting sites have offered many opportunities to bet on the Academy Awards. But, the United States got to place their online bets for the first time in 2019. Indiana fans got authorization to bet on the 2020 Academy Awards from almost various online sportsbooks. The 2021 Oscars is approaching, and many players are looking forward to placing their bets and winning. But before that, they want to know about IN online sports betting, Oscars betting odds, betting tips, etc. This Oscars betting guide in Indiana provides all the information regarding online betting, which will help players win IN Oscars betting odds.


    Categories on Oscars Betting Sites

    Winners are selected from 24 categories: supporting actress, best picture, original screenplay, supporting actor, original score, cinematography, hairstyling and makeup, best director, adapted screenplay, sound editing, best actress, actor, and many more.

    Oscars Betting Tips and Rules

    To qualify for the annual Academy Awards, a film needs to be publicly exhibited for a week between 1st January to 31st December at commercial theatres in Los Angeles. Only foreign-language films are exempted from this rule as their origin country submits it. Short films and documentaries, however, have different requirements to qualify for Academy Awards.

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members can only nominate and vote for Oscars. They determine the winners in various categories and play a major role in the winner’s career. Depending on that, the directors and actors raise their salary, get better film offers, increased media attention, enhance box office earnings, etc.

    Oscars Odds

    Setting odds has never been done before 2019 in the state of Indiana. But in 2020, all Indiana Oscars fans got an opportunity to place their bets. Many fans are waiting for the 2021 Oscars to place their bets, but they want to know about the Oscars odds before that. The six big categories in the Oscars are:

    Best Picture Odds

    oscarThis best picture odd is the Oscars night’s final award and is presented to the film producer. It is the only category where each member from the Academy can vote on the final ballot. In the 2020 Oscars, the best picture award was given to Parasite and had +350 odds. But in the list, many nominations were there, such as Jojo Rabbit, 1917, Joker, Little Women, The Irishman, and many more.

    Best Actress Odds

    Renee Zellweger is the winner of the best actress odds category in 2020. Her character of Judy Garland in Judy’s movie is known to be the greatest biographical portrayals. Surprisingly, Renee Zellweger has sung all the songs for this role and had -2500 odds. Some of the nominees are Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, and Saoirse Ronan.

    Best Actor Odds

    The Joker movie actor Joaquin Phoenix has won the best actor award in 2020 and had -5000 odds. His performance was a favorite for many people, and the way he portrayed the character of a middle-aged man in poverty and mental illness was convincing. Katharine Hepburn is known for winning the maximum Oscar awards in this category. She has 12 nominations and 4 Oscar awards.

    Best Director Odds

    The director of the Parasite movie, Bong Joon-Ho, won the best director award. The top contenders with him were Quentin Tarantino and Sam Mendes. For the 2021 Oscars, the best director predicted to win is Aaron Sorkin. He has made his mark with The Trial of the Chicago 7, which has become the talk of the town.

    Best Supporting Actor Odds

    Brad Pitt took the Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in once upon a time in Hollywood. The breezy character in Quentin Tarantino’s movie has got him this prestigious award and had -2500 odds. The other names on the list are Tom Hanks, Joe Pesci, Anthony Hopkins.

    Best Supporting Actress Odds

    The best-supporting actress award is won by Laura Dern for her popular character Nora Fanshaw in a largely-made dominated field. The betting odd set on her was -2500 with all other nominees on the positive side.

    How to Read Odds?

    oscarIt’s essential to think about Oscars betting Indiana odds while playing in live events. Odds are chances where a certain actress, director, actor loses or wins an award. In the Indiana sportsbooks, the odds are displaced in the American style, indicating the odds are at $100. It will either be a positive or negative figure; a positive number signifies higher payouts, while a negative number indicates crowd favorites. The best way to understand online betting is by an example. For Oscar betting odds 2020, DraftKings lists 1917 film as -230 betting odds. It signifies the film is favored to win and make a profit; you need to bet big.

    Where to Bet On the Oscars Online in Indiana?

    2021 Oscars betting in Indiana proved to be more exciting as it’s the big event. In Indiana, the popular sports betting sites where you can place your bets are:


    Founded in 2000, Bet365 is owned by John Coates, Denise Coates, and Peter Coates. Bet365 is a trusted and legit website and is known to bookmakers for a reason. Bet365 online gambling website has dominated the gambling sector, holding a massive Oscar fan base. From various payment and withdrawal ways, placing odds to easy navigation, you will enjoy many aspects in Bet365. Bet365 is an esteemed site to place your bets on Oscars 2021.


    It comes in the newer fantasy sports betting websites and is highly popular in the online market. Known to be offering a great service in Indiana, and it has an app as well. Starting from Aussie rules football to Oscars parlay, you can bet on everything. It has a compact and well-streamlined platform with a risk-free bet. It also offers a deposit bonus of $1000, but you need to go through the withdrawal and wagering requirements before applying. Various betting options are available and accept deposits through several alternatives like PayPal, credit card, etc. Additionally, the betting app is available for Android and iOS users.


    A well-known fantasy sportsbook, FanDuel is one of the biggest betting sites. It has both a mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly platform that has offered the best Oscar bets to the players. Many more bets are there on FanDuel on Super Bowl, Oscars, etc. A risk-free bet of up to $500 is offered to the players when they sign up for the first time. The fantasy sports website has earned a reputed position in the betting sector and offers an effortless experience. FanDeul has all the licenses making them a legit website to start playing.


    It is an app from FOX sports and is presently available for Indiana fans. FOXBet offers a $500 risk-bet for new sign up players, and the first bet refunded up to %500. Players do not need any promo code to avail of the offers, and FoxBet offers routine odds boosts, daily promos, custom bets, keeping their players entertained every day.

    It is unique and is popularly known as a free-to-play app. The application’s graphics and interface are excellent, and users do not come across issues while placing their bets. Many deposit methods are also there, such as Neteller, credit card, PayNearMe, PokerStars Play+, etc.

    Types of Academy Awards Bets in Indiana

    Many times, new players find it challenging to understand the type of bets. The piece of advice for them would be to understand every Academy Awards Bets. Once the basics are clear, you can start placing the bets more conveniently. They are:

    Oscars Future Winners

    oscarsPlayers do not need to be aware of the Oscar nominees to place their bet for Oscar’s future winners. It is the most profitable and valuable bet type. The betting odds will be lined up for the players even when the nominations haven’t been made. It’s more like a lucky guess, and hitting on something a way before has a potential payout, involving many risks.

    Oscars Prop Bets

    The Oscars prop bets are the most fun bets, involving any kind of situation such as at the red carpet, during the show, etc. The bets can be on the following aspects: will some actor or actress swear on their acceptance speech? Will the announcer mess up with the winners? Will anyone fall on their way to Oscar’s stage?

    Oscars Outright Winners Bets

    Once the nominations are done, various sportsbooks will put a list like the Oscars betting sheet 2020 for every category. You need to pick who will take the Oscar award home. Some of the popular categories are the best actress, best director, best picture, best supporting actor, and many more. Costume design, sound play, cinematography, and the best hairstylist are also some of the categories where you can place your bets.

    Oscars Under / Over Bets

    In the Academy Award betting world, the totals are the easiest bets and include how many nominations a picture or an actor gets. The sportsbook sets a number, and if you think that a particular person can win more, click on Over or Under.

    Betting Tips

    Kentucky Derby BettingNow that your basics on bets are clear, it’s important to know about the Oscars betting tips in IN. Like traditional sports betting, Academy Awards betting can also be done online. Winning bets become easier when you have a strategy, and to prepare that, the tips below will guide you.

    Follow Top Oscar Insiders

    Create a list containing the Twitter insiders about the Oscars as most of them will have updated news. They also have opinions of Hollywood members, which will help predict the outcome of the Oscar winners.

    Do Not Chase Underdogs

    The common mistake done by players is to seek value where it is not possible. At times, players know which the best movie is but still, they start chasing underdogs for a more significant return. Therefore, you need to place your bets keeping these betting tips in mind.

    Before Oscars, Look For Major Winners

    Before the Oscars take place, look at the Critics Choice, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards, etc. It is a great source of information, depending on which you can predict. Collecting information from the award shows it becomes easier to predict the winner. Remember that the Academy Awards eliminate choosing the same winner.

    Social Trends

    The awards are not only based on their performance but also their popularity and celebrity profile. Actors involved in any kind of scandal have a lesser winning chance of an Academy Award. That’s why; considering the social trends can also help you determine the winner.

    Oscars 2021

    the oscarsThe Oscars 2021 is scheduled to take place on 25th April 2021, pushed back by two months. The venue of Oscar 2021 is scheduled to take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. The 2021 Oscars betting odds have shifted from film festivals and theatres to screen movies. Look out for the best betting sportsbooks and start placing your bets. Due to the present pandemic situation, the organizers have declared that the Academy will make an exception temporarily due to theatres shut down. The exception is only online films streamed are eligible for the coming Oscars.

    Where to Watch Academy Awards Live?

    Hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for the fourth time, the 93rd Academy Awards will be conducted on 25th April 2021, Sunday. The Oscars will be live on various cable channels for which you can take a subscription. You can also visit go.com or Disney+ or check out the official Oscar website.

    The Final Words

    The Oscars make an exciting betting spectacle, and if you are interested in betting, you should try out. Pick up a trustworthy and reputed betting website and start placing the bets. The Academy Award winners are decided in advance, and the suggestion will be to wait and then place your bets. The more time passes, there will be a higher chance of winning the bets. Additionally, do not forget to consider the betting tips mentioned in this review.

    Don’t forget to read out detailed reviews on the best sportsbooks in Indiana for a great betting experience:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it legal to bet on Oscars online in Indiana?
    Yes, it is legal to bet on Oscars online in Indiana.
    Who is hosting the Oscars?
    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the Oscar 2021 for the fourth time.
    Where do the Oscars take place?
    Oscars take place in Los Angeles, California, at the Dolby Theatre.
    Who Won the 2020 Oscars?
    The 2020 Oscars winner for the best picture is Parasite, the best actor is Joaquin Phoenix, and the International feature film is Parasite.
    When do the Oscars take place?
    The Oscars take place in late February or March. But due to Covid-19, it is posted to 25th April.

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