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Published: Nov 7, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Indiana has been home to sports betting since the 1st of September 2019. Since then, it has housed top sportsbooks with big names in the industry. From that time, Indiana saw an increase in the number of gamblers. Many of those who watch sports games generally love to place bets on their favorite teams. If you, for one, like to bet on sports and don’t make use of Indiana betting apps, you are missing out on a lot. In this review, you would know more about the top Indiana betting apps and why you should start using betting apps.

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    Best Indiana Bookmakers

    Trying to settle down for a particular app might prove difficult as there might be confusion on which one to pick. For that purpose, we have compiled a list of some of the best IN online sportsbook that owns an app;


    Draftkings, one of the first of best Indiana bookmaker that came into the US, now, it has spread its wings into Indiana. Draftkings isdraftkings generous to its customers and gives them wonderful welcome bonuses, which, when combined, is matched up to $1000. Here is a breakdown of their bonuses:

    • Deposit welcome bonus: As expected, this offer is restricted to new clients. When you register with the bookmaker for the first time, DraftKings gives a deposit bonus of 20%. The maximum cap for the bonus is $500, meaning to claim the whole $500 bonus, you should deposit $2500. You cannot withdraw the bonus; you would have to bet with it first as it has a 25x rollover.
    • Risk-free $500 bet: Apart from the $500 deposit bonus, new players are also awarded with risk-free bet, capped with a maximum of $500. So if your first bet is a loss, don’t get sad over it; DraftKings provides a risk-free bet of up to $500. Both bonuses are worth up to $1000.
    • Referral Bonus: Draftkings is one among few that offer a referral bonus. Provided that your friend uses your unique referral code, you could get up to a $100 bonus on risk-free bets, depending on your friend’s deposit.


    FanDuel is another top of the line bookmaker that is on our list. They run a fully functional sportsbook and an impressive mobile app. You will get bonuses like;

    • 500$ risk-free bonus: This is a bonus available to new customers that register for the first time. How does it work? Your first bet should be up to $500; that is the first bet you would be placing with FanDuel. Once that requirement is met, if, by chance, that first bet loses, the bookmaker would give you what we term as a ‘refund’ in a risk-free bet. Interesting news, you would be able to withdraw profits made from the bonus!
    • Referral Bonus: Another bookmaker that offers a referral bonus. For them, both you and your friend can get a $50 bonus. However, for both of you to get the bonus, your friend must have verified his account and spent at least $10 on placing wagers within the first seven days of registration; if not, the bonus would not be valid.

    Points Bet

    PointsBet, being an Australian brand, rose through the odds and is now competing for the top classes of bookmakers in the whole ofPointsBet the US. PointsBet also give their customers welcome bonuses;

    • Sign up bonus: It comes in a rather complicated way. When you fund your account, preferably with at least $1000 to enjoy the maximum possible outcome from the bonus. If the first wager you make is a loss, PointsBet will make a refund, depending on how much you lost. The maximum is $500. The second part of the bonus is if you place a Pointsbetting wager, and by chance, it is also a loss, the bookmaker would provide a refund of up to $500, depending on how much you lost.
    • Referral bonus: Pretty straightforward, when your friend registers with PointsBet, you both receive $50 in the free bets.


    Unibet is another bookmaker that you should take a look at. They also offer bonuses;

    • Welcome Bonus: When you register with Unibet for the first time, use the bonus codes UNIBET25 and 100UNIBET. If you use the bonus codes when registering, you will get $25 as a risk-free bet. Also, a deposit bonus of 100% on your deposits. It is matched with a maximum of $500, so to get the best out of it, we advise that you deposit $500.

    MGM Sportsbook

    betmgmThis is another sportsbook you should consider. The bookmaker offers welcome bonuses up to $500.

    • Welcome bonus: To capitalize on this offer, you will need to deposit at least $500. So when you place a wager of $500, remember, it must be a new account, and it must be your first wager. If the bet turns out to be a loss, the bookmaker gives you back a 100% refund on what you lose.

    How to Download Indiana Betting Apps

    Downloading an app for making wagers in Indiana is not a tough nut to crack. It all depends on the platform that you use.

    Android Users

    For Android users, you have to download the Android betting app in Indiana through the mobile Playstore. Scroll unto the play store and search up the app by the name of the bookmaker. When it pops up, hit the download button. Alternatively, sportsbooks provide the link to their sites on their websites. Scroll to the bottom of the website page, and you would find the link to download the app. Click the link, and it will direct you to the play store where you will download it immediately.

    IOS Users

    For IOS users, you can get the app from your bookmaker by using the Apple AppStore. Input the app’s name, and it would take you to the store page where you can download the app directly. Alternatively, you could get it through the link on the site. Scroll down; the sportsbook usually provides an app link at the bottom. Click on the link and it will direct to where you will get the app.

    Using a mobile app can be more beneficial as it would save you the stress of logging in each time. Security-wise betting apps are more beneficial for you. Another major upside of using a mobile app is that bookmakers release offers and promotions exclusive to only app users. They do that to encourage the use of the app. As a regular mobile app user, it won’t hit you as a surprise.

    What Can Be Found in Betting App?

    Although we cannot provide you with exact and accurate navigation instructions as the apps vary depending on the bookmaker, however, you will see similarities. Usually, when you open the app, you see the login page where you input your details to log in to your account. When you sign in, you will be logged into your account, where you can see the sportsbook’s homepage. At the homepage, the ongoing games and live odds would be displayed extensively. The payments page would provide you with options to fund and withdraw—another page for offers and promotions. Everything is packed into an optimized app.

    Types of Sports to Bet On With Betting Apps in Indiana

    You can bet on all major sports in Indiana, such as;

    • Rugby League
    • Baseball (MLB)
    • Football (XFL, NCAAF, NFL, CFL)
    • Golf
    • Hockey (Int’l, NHL)
    • Tennis
    • Boxing
    • Basketball (Int’l, NBA, NCAAB)
    • Soccer
    • MMA

    Types of Bets to Wager On Sport in Indiana

    There are many wagering options in Indiana; here are some;

    • Point Spread: This is a very popular wagering option. It is used to ensure fair play. When two teams are playing, there would always be one with the highest probability of winning, the stronger team, usually the fan’s favorite. Another team is the weak one, who is not as skilled as their opponents. The favorite team has a minus (-) spread and the weaker one has a plus (+). To win, the team you wager on has to win the game or lose by a lesser number than the spread.
    • Moneyline: Moneyline merely involves picking the team that speculates would win the match. To win the bet, the team you pick has to win the game.
    • Futures betting: It is simply wagering on an event that is yet to happen ahead of time, such as wagering on the winner of a league ahead of the final match. It is easy and guarantees some high returns.
    • Parlays: A parlay is the combination of two or more bets, meaning if you combine futures and Moneyline into one, or more than two bets, that would be a parlay.
    • Halftime lines: In this bet, it involves predicting what the halftime score would be, neglecting what the first half was, meaning you assume the first half to start from 0-0.
    • Over/Under: It involves what you predict the total scores of the teams to be.

    How to Deposit And Withdraw Money With Betting Apps in Indiana

    Depositing and withdrawing also depend on the bookmaker you are using — various bookmakers with different deposit and withdrawal options. The most used option is credit cards and debit cards options. Make sure the bookmakers accept the kind you use; most of them only accept either MasterCard or Visa cards. Another common method is PayPal. When you want to deposit, make sure you have enough in your bank account. Withdrawals, too, are easy and follow the same process. Averagely, withdrawal takes between three to five working days.

    The Future of Mobile Betting in Indiana

    Betting has come a long way and has evolved from the days of physical sportsbooks only; now, the internet has taken over everything. Then we went to IN online sports betting sites, using PC. Then it evolved into wagering with mobile websites, before the use of mobile apps finally took over. IN mobile sports is growing fast, and very soon, only a few would be using the websites. The mobile apps would take over everything.


    From this review, it is obvious that apps are starting to take over websites in Indiana gradually. Sad news for the bookmakers without a mobile app. They have a lot of catching up to do. Playing sports bet on sports betting apps in IN is of no doubt advantageous. You have lots to gain from using mobile apps, as it makes everything easier. No doubt, mobile app, any day, anytime to play legal sports betting in Indiana.


    What sportsbooks in Indiana offer mobile apps?
    Numerous sportsbooks offer mobile apps in Indiana. Some of them are Draftkings, FanDuel, Points Bet, Unibet, MGM Sportsbook.
    What types of bets can I make with mobile betting in Indiana?
    There are many bets you can make in mobile betting in Indiana. Some of them are; Moneyline, parlay, points spread, over/under, and many more.
    How old should I be to bet on sports in Indiana?
    To play legal sports betting in Indiana, you have to be at least 18 years old. That is a general law.
    What is the most popular betting app in Indiana?
    We cannot single out one of the Indiana real money betting apps as the most popular. However, the most popular ones are Draftkings, FanDuel, Points Bet, Unibet, MGM Sportsbook.

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