A Guide to the Best NBA Betting Sites Online

In Indiana, sports wagering became legal on September 1st, 2019. Three casinos started accepting bets on different sports leagues on that very day. The market went online in October 2019. By now, several online sportsbooks operate in full force. There’s nothing more exciting for sports fans than watching a game they wagered on. Simple bet multiples the excitement. Even if your team loses, you still get the thrill. But if your team wins, the feeling is priceless. If you want to bet on the NBA in Indiana, our guide will be beneficial. We’ll explain what the different types of bets mean. We’ll discuss the odds, available apps and websites, and everything else that NBA fans need to know when they bet on sports.
Published: Sep 28, 2020 Updated: Oct 26, 2021
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    basket ballNBA is a globally popular basketball league that is related to championships that are held in the United States. The whole country is crazy about this basketball event. Not only sports fans but even the less interested person also keenly follow the basketball matches. Due to the wide popularity of NBA, betting on this sport also became a common thing.

    Yes, NBA betting has become ragingly popular and a ritual among the sports wagerers. There are plenty of opportunities in the country where you can bet on your favorite NBA teams and players. Among all the US states, Indiana has maintained a true affection towards basketball. From Hoosiers to Larry Bird, the state has an unwavering commitment towards the game.

    Now when the doors for Indiana NBA betting are open, people are inclined towards this game more than ever. IN legal sports betting has allowed people to wager on basketball games. As you know, in 2019, the state was permissioned to wager on different sports, and plenty of online sports betting sites in IN came forward to establish their place in the state.

    If you want to know more about NBA betting in Indiana, then there’s a lot to explore in this article. Keep scrolling and learn more about IN legal sports betting, especially NBA.


    How to Bet on the NBA in Indiana: Basic Bets

    Your first step to successful bets is understanding the basic types of bets. The slang can be confusing for a total outsider, but don’t worry! The explanations behind each type of bet are simple, and you’ll soon become knowledgeable.


    This wager is perfect when you want to bet on individual NBA games. The sportsbook will set the lines. They hire professional bookies, who predict a team’s probability of winning and assign the odds accordingly.

    The negative number next to the team means that it’s the favorite. The number shows the amount you need to bet in order to win $100. For example, if the odds are -120, it means that you need to bet $120 to collect a total of $220.

    If the number is positive, it means that the team is the underdog. The number shows how much the sportsbook will pay out for a $100 bet. For example, if that number is +120, it means that the player collects $220 if they bet $100.


    In the simplest explanation, a spread is the number of points that the favorite is expected to win by. You’ll see the + and – signs. If it’s a + sign, the player collects the payment in case the team loses by fewer points than the set spread or wins outright. If it’s a – sign on the point spread, the player collects the pay if their team wins the game by a greater number of points.


    A totals bet indicates the complete number of points scored by both teams in NBA games. If the game goes overtime, the points achieved in the additional minutes still count towards the totals.

    This is also called an over/under bet, since we’re wagering over or under the listed total.


    It’s not easy to limit yourself when you bet on events. You’re interested in multiple games that are being played in a short period of time. You can combine different individual bets into a single ticket, which is called a parlay. The odds will add up. The more bets the parlay includes, the higher the payout will be.

    In-Play NBA Betting

    Live bets occur during the game. The sportsbook will change the odds, depending on the action. The players can place these bets if they are watching the games in a retail sportsbook, but they can also do it online from any location in Indiana.

    Understanding NBA Odds and Lines

    Every sportsbook gives you similar, but slightly different NBA basketball odds. You have a chance to go through multiple onlineNBA Betting sportsbooks in Indiana and see what platform gives you the best odds for the type of bet you plan to place.

    What are the odds, anyway? This is a number that communicates the potential payout for a certain bet. The favorite is assigned with a negative number, which indicates the amount the player needs to bet to win $100. The underdog is assigned with a positive number, which shows the amount they win for a $100 bet.

    This doesn’t mean that you have to bet with at least $100. Sportsbooks do not impose such a minimum. If the odds are +200, it means the ticket pays $300 (a $200 profit) if the bet is $100. But you can bet with $10 or any other amount, too. If you wager $10, you’ll collect a total of $30 on this bet. You can also bet with more than $100, although that’s not recommended for beginners.

    The line (also called spread) is another important term you should understand. It shows the number of points a team is expected to lose or win by. If it’s -5.5, it means that the team is expected to win by at least 5.5 points. If it’s +5.5, it means that the team is expected to lose by a maximum of 5.5 points.

    Let’s say that you bet on the -5.5 team. If the team wins by 5 or fewer points, you lose the bet. If it wins by 6 or more points, you collect the payment.

    What if you wager on the +5.5 team? If it loses by 6 or more points, you lose. If it loses by 5 or less points, you win the bet. If the underdog wins the game, you still win this bet.

    What are NBA Futures?

    basketballWhen you wager on NBA futures markets, you’re predicting a future outcome from a particular event in the season. You have a gut feeling that the Indiana Pacers will win the season? The odds are very high for such a bet (up to +1000, since this team is an underdog). But even if you bet on a favorite, such as the LA LAkers or the Milwaukee Bucks early in the season, you’ll still get high odds (around +250).

    You’ll get your money wagered on sports sooner and you’ll have to wait for the outcome. You might get disappointed soon if your team doesn’t go through the play-offs. But if you choose the right winner, the satisfaction of collecting a huge payoff is priceless.

    What are the Odds for NBA Finals 2021?

    The NBA Finals 2021 start on June 4, and the final game is expected on June 21.

    Each sports betting platform sets its own odds, so they might differ. As an example, DraftKings gives equal odds to the Lakers and the Bucks (+250 at the moment). LA Clippers are right behind with odds of +333.

    FanDuel gives you slightly better odds for the Lakers (+260), but less beneficial for the Bucks (+240). This means that if you bet $100 on the Lakers, you’ll collect $350 on DraftKings and $360 on FanDuel. But if you bet on the Bucks, you’ll collect a total of $350 on DraftKings and $340 on FanDuel.

    Is It Legal to Bet on Indiana Pacers in Indiana?

    Yes! There are no team limitations for betting on the NBA online. A few states (such as Virginia for example) imposed a ban on wagering on in-state college teams. But that ban is active only for college leagues, and it’s not imposed through Indiana’s legislation.

    So yes; if you’re a fan of the Indiana Pacers and you feel like you can predict the outcome, you’re free to place your bet.

    What Out-of-State Teams Are Popular for Indiana Sports Fans?

    The teams from the Central Division and the Eastern Conference are the most popular ones for bets in Indiana. We always feel more attached to teams that are closer to our state. It’s no wonder why the Chicago Bulls are such a favorite.

    The betting outlook for the Bulls in 2020 is not that favorable, since they had a low season. But hey; they can still surprise you.

    Ohio is also close, so many Indiana sports fans cheer for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They also had a low season in 2020. But hey; things change quickly from season to season, so you want to keep your eye on this team in the future.

    Are WNBA Bets Available in Sportsbooks?

    Yes; you can!

    The problem is that not all Indiana sports betting websites include WNBA in their offer. BetMGM, DraftKings, BetAmerica, and FanDuel, for example, do not offer WNBA odds and wagering opportunities at the moment. This market does not attract many wagers, so that’s why the offer is not that extensive.

    But if you do want to place bets on the WNBA, you can do it on BetRivers, PointsBet, and Caesars. Those are three awesome sportsbooks with licenses to operate in Indiana.

    DraftKings and FanDuel let you play daily fantasy games with WNBA players.

    Factors to Consider While Choosing Betting Site To Bet on NBA in IN

    There is an abundance of real money betting sites in Indiana that, at the end of the day, can confuse you. It is essential to make a well-informed decision regarding IN legal sports betting sites. When you are choosing a site, you need to consider a few factors. The number of options to bet on NBA matches is a must to look into a site. The more options they have, the better. There are different types of bonuses available for wagerers on the site; it is always beneficial to choose a platform that can offer you amazing bonuses. Loyalty programs are also a major attraction in Indiana NBA betting sites. Make sure the concerned websites have a loyalty program for the consistent players. Another vital thing to look for is the range of banking options. The payment options must be varied and comfortable for you while playing. Make sure to consider all these factors when you are selecting the best among the online sports betting sites in IN.

    What Are the Best NBA Betting Apps in Indiana?

    Now that you have understood the factors that you need to look into sports wagering sites, it is time to get acquainted with the top sites in the market. Here are some of the world-class sportsbooks that you can always rely on.


    The name doesn’t need any introduction; it is the biggest sportsbook in the DFS market. This globally popular sportsbook has ventured into the Indiana sports wagering market and brought amazing surprises for the players. It is one of the best IN sports betting apps for the NBA that is focused on intuitive gameplay. What’s more exciting than that is the triple bonus offer that the platform has introduced. All the new players will get a combined bonus worth $1,025 that includes a free play bonus of $25, a deposit bonus of up to $500, and a risk-free bet up to $500. It’s the best you can get.


    FanDuel SportsbookYet another sportsbook that has established its prominence in the market is FanDuel. It was introduced into legal sports betting in 2018, and since then, it has been setting new standards. The FanDuel app is highly user-friendly and easy-to-navigate, making it much easier for the players. All the new entries to the platform are eligible for a risk-free bet worth $1000, which is undoubtedly the highest a sportsbook can offer. There are three popular promotions on the platform: multi-sport parlay insurance, daily odds boost, and the risk-free bet that you can relish along with the loyalty program, FanDuel Players Club.


    With Bet365, you can bet in Indiana on all the NBL matches. It is a popular sportsbook in Indiana that has been offering a wide range of sports games to wager on. You can avail different types of wager here and select the ideal one. Every new sign up is eligible to win the 100% match bonus of up to $100, which will help in the further process. Use the bonus code 365GAMBLER while depositing to avail the bonus. There is a live in-play betting that is highly exciting and a major attraction point of this platform.


    It was not long ago that BetRiver came with its amazing sports betting app that took the industry with a storm. The wagering experience at BetRivers is certainly unmatched. It is a trusted platform that provides wagerers with a secure and friendly platform to wager. When it comes to the welcome bonus, all the new sign-ups are eligible to get a 100% bonus of up to $250. Just use the code PLAY250 when you are registering. iRush Rewards is the loyalty program of the platform where your points will be accumulated according to your wagering frequency. Reload bonuses, odd boosts, parlay insurance, and contests are some of the other promotions you can enjoy.

    William Hill

    William Hill SportsbookEstablished a credible name in the betting market with its land-based sportsbook, William Hill is a reputed online sportsbook in Indiana. William Hill IN sports betting app is licensed and registered in the state of Indiana. With every sign-up, the players will get a 100% welcome bonus of up to $150 with a minimum bet of $10. You have to use the code WHGAMBLER150 while registering at the platform. In every NBA season, William Hill is among the highly used sportsbooks for wagering. The app is available in both the Android and iOS versions.


    BetMGM online sportsbook is spreading its reach to almost all the US states. Earlier it was available in New Jersey, Colorado, West Virginia, Nevada, and now it has come to Indiana as well. MGM Resorts International has been a casino marque in the industry, and in the year 2018, they introduced the online sportsbook. BetMGM’s welcome offer is quite tempting, which will make the players crave more. All the sign-ups will get a 100% deposit bonus of up to $500. When you are creating a new account, use the code PLAYBONUS to avail of the bonus. As it is a deposit bonus, you will need to make an initial deposit as well.


    PointsBetPointsBet is an Australian company that is providing its services in the United States. Facilitating NBA betting and offering brand new offers to the players, this platform has emerged as the best IN sports betting app for NBA. PointsBet has welcome bonus offers for the new players, i.e., free bets worth up to $250. In order to avail of this bonus, you have to fulfill certain criteria like deposit $50 for $150 bet, deposit $150 for $300 bet and deposit $250 for $500 bet. Use the code BONUSNOW during the time of deposit in order to avail of the respective bonus.

    There’s a huge difference between the retail sportsbook and online sportsbook. While the land-based sportsbook is geographically limited and you have to visit it every time, the online sportsbook gives you the ease of playing from anywhere. You can wager from the comforts of your home and use all your tricks. Another major benefit is the amazing bonus offers that you cannot avail of at the land-based sportsbook. So, if you ever want to wager on NBA season, the online sportsbook is the best option.

    How to Withdraw Your Winnings

    If you bet through a retail sportsbook, you can get your winning ticket there and they will cash you out.

    If you’re betting online via desktop or through NBA betting apps, you’ll need to transfer your money on the preferred banking method. Most sportsbooks require you to rely on the same banking method that you used for depositing money. Make sure to read the bonus terms; you need to meet the playthrough requirements if you want to withdraw your winnings.

    You can use various payment methods:

    •       PayPal, Neteller, or another e-wallet
    •       Credit/debit cards
    •       ACH (electronic check)

    Before transferring the money, the sportsbook will want to verify your identity. You may be required to provide the last digits of your Social Security number.

    Since Indiana’s online sportsbooks are linked to casino partners, you may be able to get your winnings in cash in the related casino.

    When is The Right Time to Bet on the NBA in Indiana?

    Kentucky Derby BettingThe wagering process only becomes fruitful when you choose the right opportunity to wager. NBA finals are the much-awaited time of the year when wagerers are glued to the sportsbook. It is that time of the year when all the NBA wagerers have a high probability of winning with high scope for wagering options. Apart from the finals, the first few weeks of the NBA season are also thrilling and a welcoming aisle for the wagerers. March Madness is yet another prospective time to increase your wagering tendencies. It is an NCAA basketball tournament that happens around mid-March-April. Make sure you pick the right time to increase your winnings.

    NBA Betting Tips That Will Save Your Day!

    It is important to keep some tips and strategies handy when you are going to wager on the NBA. Here are a few tips that will help you on the go-

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Bankroll management is crucial in ensuring your steady position. It helps in limiting your exposure to risks and increasing your profit. With a little bit of practice along the way, you can learn the art of bankroll management, but never try to compromise on this part.

    Good Price For The Favourites

    The + and – on the odds denotes the favorites and underdog in a game. It is important to incline more towards the favorite and bet good price on them. Home favorites are the perfect potion for your victory.

    Superstars Lead To Victory

    Everyone knows that the NBA is a game of players, and the shining stars of the team will take them to victory. Make sure to read the injury reports and go through the box score to determine who is in and out of the league.

    Go For Big Spreads

    When your points spread, make sure to be vigilant. If you see an underdog with a higher scope to win, you should increase the spread.

    Look into Details

    The best trait of a successful wagerer is researching. The more you research, the more you will know about the team. Right from the coaching roster changes to the injury reports, you must pay heed to every small detail that might help you in wagering.

    The Bottom Line

    Indiana NBA betting was made legal in the year 2019, and since then, sportsbooks have been catering to the wagering needs of the people. Whether it is NBA finals or March Madness, there are many great opportunities for players to wager on the NBA. It is essential to choose the Indiana sports betting app for the NBA wagers very carefully and be sure that it can provide you with maximum benefits and offers. Though the current global pandemic has put a halt on the wagering frequency, things are getting better that calls for an exciting NBA season next year. The best thing about playing on an online sportsbook is that you don’t have to socially engage with people and you can wager in your own comforts. This ultimate guide to NBA betting Indiana was aimed to offer you the nitty-gritty details of the wagering in the state. 

    Keep the wagering tips up your sleeve, choose the best site for wagering in Indiana and always choose your bet wisely!

    Don’t forget to read out detailed reviews on the best sportsbooks in Indiana for a great betting experience:


    Where can I bet on the NBA?
    You have three options: 1) A retail sportsbook or a casino; 2) Online sportsbooks; 3) Sports wagering apps provided by online platforms. If you choose to bet online, we recommend reading our sportsbook reviews. We’ll help you find the most user-friendly website or app that gives you the best bonus.
    Where can I bet on NBA Finals online?
    These are your options of licensed online sportsbooks in Indiana: BetRivers, PointsBet, DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, BetMGM, BetAmerica. All of them let you bet on the NBA finals.
    How does the point spread work in basketball?
    You’ll see a - sign accompanied by a number for the favorite in the game, and a + sign with a number for the outsider. If you bet on the favorite, your team must win by a difference larger than the assigned spread. If you bet on the + sign (the outsider), your team must win or lose by less than the assigned spread.
    How often does the home team win in the NBA?
    The home court advantage is a real thing. It’s an important factor that the sportsbooks use when assigning the odds. According to the statistics, home teams win approximately 60% of the games in the NBA.
    Why do basketball betting lines move?
    When a certain wager is popular, a huge number of sports fans bet on those odds. In case they guess that bet, the sportsbook would have to pay out huge amounts. That’s why they move the line to make the bet more expensive. The line may also move if a player is injured before the game. In-match lines move in accordance with the events during the game.

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